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2009 Lancia Delta Hardblack Unveiled 2009 Lancia Delta Hardblack Unveiled

Lancia Delta is the ideal answer to the three fundamental and often opposing demands of the modern customer: it offers the space of a big sedan but the length of a compact; the power of a sports car, but with ecologically friendly emission levels and economic consumption; top of the range equipment, but at a “realistic” price. Lancia Delta therefore meets the needs of today's prestige customers by “downsizing”, in other words providing superior performance and luxury with low cost, size and...

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2009 Lancia Delta Executive Unveiled 2009 Lancia Delta Executive Unveiled

Geneva sees the debut of the Delta Executive, the new Lancia flagship which exactly matches the requirements of a refined customer who is alive to technological developments but knows the value of tradition, who wants a solid product but also exclusivity and prestige. These are businessmen, managers and independent professionals who know how to combine conceptually opposing values such as tradition and innovation, rationality and emotion, but who are also representatives of the institutional...

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