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2009 Vision Sportscars Minotaur

February 19th, 2009
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The Minotaur's lines were designed in Greece by one of their top designers, John Forakis.

Perfectly proportioned, clean lies, head turning charisma and breathtaking design make it a car of the millennium.

How many supercars look good from all angles?. This is no ordinary car, this beauty even looks fast when she's stationary!

With its aerodynamic shape and rear spoiler, the Minotaur is equally at home on the road or on the track. Join the boys on track days and feel the power and ride, then take off your helmet and drive sedately home……its that good !

Driving Comfort. Fitting different sized people into any car can be a problem which we have researched and a problem we have resolved. Moving the seat forwards for the shorter driver makes it difficult to get out of the car, that is just one of the seating problems that many supercars have. However, our innovative solution solves that problem.

The Minotaur seats are static and fixed but the pedals and steering column move ! At the push of a button the pedals move backwards and forwards using an electric motor, and the steering column is manually adjusted, allowing anyone of any size to drive.

For secure braking, the pedal box has a balance bar system so you can adjust the front and rear braking pressure to suit the occasion, road or even track day

The cockpit has been designed around the driver, with its exquisite interior and elegant choice of materials you feel instantly at home.

All controls are easily reachable and the large start button wakens the throbbing power of the V8 engine into a satisfying roar.

The low seating position gives the driver the feeling of being part of the car and having maximum control at all times. At last, a supercar with high levels of comfort and refinement, that never loses its identity as an out and out racer, whilst retaining its projected appearance of a daily driver.

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