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Ford Transit Connect Family One Concept Car to Debut Ford Transit Connect Family One Concept Car to Debut

Ford is listening to the unique wants and needs of families and responds with the Transit Connect Family One concept - a space that's all about helping parents and engaging children. "Transit Connect is a versatile vehicle that can be adapted to a wide variety of applications," said Mark Fields, Ford's president of The Americas. "The Family One concept delivers fun with function. This fun, cool space is for parents and small children alike, combining fuel efficiency with...

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Ford IOSIS MAX Concept Car Ford IOSIS MAX Concept Car

“The new iosis MAX concept car marks another important step in the renaissance of Ford of Europe’s product design under the leadership of Martin Smith. The two previous iosis concepts were significant milestones in that process. They helped to introduce our new design strategy, and to show how kinetic design would play a key role in transforming our future product line. The fantastic reception given to our latest models – from the Mondeo and Kuga, through to the Fiesta and Ka – suggests...

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Ford Ranger Max Concept Car Ford Ranger Max Concept Car

Renowned for its genuine toughness and strength, the Ford Ranger takes a confident step forward with the debut of the high-impact Ranger Max show truck at the Thailand International Motor Expo. Ranger Max pushes everyone's expectations of Ranger. Visually bold and muscular, it takes to the stage at the Ford stand with confidence, sophistication and craftsmanship. The Ranger Max extends Ranger's reputation as the best all-around compact truck on the market. "We know Ranger is tough...

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