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2009 Toyota Tacoma Retro 2009 Toyota Tacoma Retro

The Tacoma Truck Concept is a fun look back to Toyota’s long-standing heritage of building highly capable, durable trucks that met the needs of a wide variety of drivers. Rather than focus on flash or power, this concept looks towards capability and efficiency by showcasing Toyota’s venerable 4cyl engine, but mating it to a 4-speed automatic transmission and solid front axle-equipped 4WD system. Tied thematically to the Toyota Trucks from the 80’s, the Tacoma Truck features American Racing AR23...

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Toyota Tacoma V8 Incross Concept Car Toyota Tacoma V8 Incross Concept Car

The Tacoma V8 Incross concept vehicle combines several new design components and a unique color scheme with V8 power to provide an exciting new look with added passenger room, utility and performance capabilities. The first use of Toyota’s 4.7-liter, i-Force V8 engine in a Tacoma provides plenty of motivation for the Incross. The V8 produces 271 horsepower and 313 lb/ft of torque. It is equipped with TRD (Toyota Racing Development) headers and custom dual exhaust by Tube Solutions....

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