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2009 Yamaha YFM90 Raptor has bigger bite - (Australia)

October 28th, 2008
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Yamaha has released a new model Raptor with plenty of great features aimed to get youngsters on all fours safely.

The new-from-the-ground-up Raptor 90 features a new 88cc SOHC wet sump engine mated to a fully automatic CVT transmission.

And it comes with the peace-ofmind safety features that you would expect form Yamaha, such as a throttle limiter that allows you to adjust the YFM90R's acceleration and top speed to suit your kid's ability level.

And a parking brake on the handlebar to keep the new Raptor exactly where they last left it. It's thinking like this that makes YFM90R the kids' ATV that adults love too.

Raptor 90 also features dual A-Arm front suspension, rear disc brake, full floorboards and low profile Maxxis tryes. Final drive is by tried and trusted chain.

Small enough for any 12 year old to handle, but big in features and ability, this electric start ATV has all the 'use it, forget it, use it again' low-maintenance convenience that kids (and parents) love so much.

Of course, being a Yamaha, as much thought has gone into taking the stress out of your life as packing the YFM90R with great experience building features.

Like the throttle limiter that features a simple plug-in for the CDI unit. Or the emergency kick starter unit stored under the seat for added peace of mind.

Shock absorbers are five-way adjustable for preload and there's a combination of dual drum brakes up front and a powerful disc brake out back.

Raptor 90 comes in Yamaha Blue and a unique Black/White version for which a range of graphics are available. Either way you get an ATV styled after its big brother Raptor 700 and a whole lot of features for the minimal outlay of $2999 RRP inc GST.

They'll be rapt with the new Raptor!

YFM90R Raptor key features:

All-new from the ground up, Raptor 90 has the features to deliver more fun than ever before, with a new 88cc SOHC 2-valve engine tuned to develop excellent low-to-mid rpm range performance. It also has features surprising in this class and price range, like a fully automatic CVT transmission, dual A-arm front suspension, rear disc brake, low-profile tyres, and styling unmistakably inspired by the mighty Raptor 700R.

Dual A-arm front suspension has 112mm of travel for sporty-riding comfort, while adding to the Raptor 90's big-ATV look. Shocks have 5-way preload adjustment to accommodate a variety of riders and terrain. The rear swingarm, also 5-way preload adjustable, offers 84mm of travel.

For sporty looks and handling, Raptor 90 uses low-profile Maxxis® tyres. For riding comfort, there are aggressive-looking full floorboards.
For strong, reliable stopping power, there's a hydraulic disc brake with drilled rotor in the back, and dual sealed drums in the front.

Restricting power output for learning riders is exceptionally convenient; there's a simple plug-in for the CDI unit.

Available in Team Yamaha Blue/White, just like full-size ATVs, or in an exclusive Black/White version with two graphics choices available at extra cost.

The go-getter 88cc 4-stroke SOHC 2-valve engine is tuned to develop excellent low-to-mid-range performance, just where it's needed. Engine is force-air cooled for performance and long engine life, and it uses simple, reliable wet-sump lubrication.

Easy-to-operate electric starting comes standard, of course, and an emergency kick starter is also provided in a storage spot under the seat for more peace of mind.

Constantly variable transmission (CVT) means no shifting. Handy for all riders, it's a feature entry-level riders particularly appreciate.

Engine power is transferred to the rear wheels via a tried-and true chain drive.

Dual A-arm front suspension has 112mm of travel for sporty riding comfort, while helping to give the front end the look of a big Raptor. Shocks have 5-way preload adjustment to accommodate a variety of riders and terrain. The rear swingarm, also 5-way preload adjustable, offers 84mm of travel to enhance riding comfort and traction.
Raptor 90 is designed to be comfortable for a wide variety of riders. With its roomy ergonomics, growing riders 12 and older won't outgrow the machine before they're ready for more displacement when they're older.

Newly designed Maxxis® low-profile tyres, AT18 x 7-8 front and AT18 x 9-8 rear, give Raptor 90 sporty looks and sporty handling.

For strong, reliable stopping power, there's a hydraulic disc brake in the back with a drilled rotor that's protected against rocks and other obstacles by a beefy guard. Up front, there are dual sealed drums. There's a handlebar-mounted parking brake, too.

Additional features:
The DC-CDI digital ignition timing control system means reliable performance, with a strong, efficient spark.
Battery and other electrical components are conveniently and centrally located for service. Waterproof connectors add to the overall reliability.

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