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Electric Rolls-Royce Phantom - (Global)

October 26th, 2008
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BMW have announced that they are considering selling an electric-powered Rolls Royce.

‘I can imagine a time when city or state authorities may ban cars from towns that exceed a certain level of CO2’.  Rolls-Royce CEO Tom Purves

UK Car magazine interviewed Mr Purves who added that many Rolls-Royce customers only drive small mileage and it’s exclusively in the city.

‘We stand for unmatched refinement and you can’t get a quieter and less intrusive engine than a well engineered electric motor.  Truly, the loudest noise you would hear would be the tick of the clock’.

Rolls-Royce can utilise the technology from the electric MINI project as both brands are apart of the BMW Group.  As such, an electric Rolls-Royce is a real possibility to be sold alongside the existing petrol V12 engine.

‘We also stand for strong and instant torque – and an electric motor delivers maximum torque instantly.  The waftability would be fantastic.’

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