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2011 Subaru Coupe - (Global)

October 24th, 2008
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Rumours are buzzing regarding the future sports car being co-developed by Toyota and Subaru.  UK magazine Autocar have spoken to a Subaru insider who says that the upcoming coupe will be both smaller and lighter than the current Impreza hatchback.  More surprising is that the so-called ‘insider’ ruled out a WRX or STi version of the coupe for upcoming emission concerns.

Other sources claim that the 2011 Subaru Coupe will be a cut-down two-seat version of next years all new Subaru Liberty/Legacy. The coupe is speculated to weigh approximately 1180kg and powered by a 2.0L 4 cylinder boxer engine producing roughly 150kW.  Considering the existing Liberty/Legacy sedan weighs 1385kg with the 2.5L engine, shaving off 200kg would be an impressive achievement.

Looks like we’ll have to be patient and wait until 2011 to see what hits the road.


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