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Mercedes-Benz Announces First Wave of Product Enhancements Mercedes-Benz Announces First Wave of Product Enhancements

As a result of Australia’s new vehicle import duty reduction – down from ten to five percent from January 1 this year – the German luxury car maker has elected to provide additional standard equipment to a number of its new passenger car models. At the time of this announcement (1 December 2009), the managing director of Mercedes-Benz Cars in Australia, Mr Horst von Sanden, said: “Our customers have told us that they prefer increases in equipment levels over any short-term price reductions or...

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New 2009 Mercedes-Benz B-Class - (Australia) New 2009 Mercedes-Benz B-Class - (Australia)

After three successful years, Mercedes-Benz has overhauled the design and engineering of the B-Class. The facelift programme focused on environmental compatibility, economic efficiency and comfort, with further advances being made in each of these areas. Thanks to a series of detailed improvements, the four-cylinder engines now burn up to seven percent less fuel than previously, and distinguish themselves with remarkably low exhaust emissions that undercut the current EU limits by as much as 90...

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