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CGI: Ferrari Concept, But With Two Wheels - (Italy)

September 25th, 2008
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Apparently Dino Ferrari had a history with Motorcycles, so if he was still with us today surely he would be proud of this CGI concept bike.

This prancing horse concept with two wheels is the result of Amir Glinik's design work from Industrial & Art. "The idea of "slicing" a V4 out of one of Ferrari's engines was something I saw at a very early stage of this project, and that's what I did".

Nearly every part of this motorcycle is a revolutionary idea not currently on production bikes; the brakes are an outer disc arrangement with twin calipers and the front forks are manufactured from one piece of aluminium in a U-shape design. On top of the fuel tank is a touch screen display monitoring and displaying information from engine diagnostics and management to the GPS system.

The rider's feet are secured on pedals, rather than pegs, this design idea was carried across from Ferrari sports cars. Frame weight is minimised by utilising the engine as mounting points to create frame stability. The centre of gravity is extremely low, just take a look at the seat and then look at the top of the tyres, its probably not the most comfortable Ferrari ever built but Ferrari's aren't built for comfort are they?

Aerodynamics are impressive for a bike of this size, the front fender is sculptured over the front tyre giving the rider more control and stability by better distributing weight over the front wheel, important with harsh acceleration. The only thing missing is the front windscreen; however we are told that each owners helmet is specifically moulded to the individual rider's head.

Quite possibly the fastest Ferrari to go from 0-100km/h... on its rear wheel.

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