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2010 Gumpert Apollo Speed Announced 2010 Gumpert Apollo Speed Announced

Whereas optimum performance for racetracks, lateral acceleration and grip in all situations are the focus of apollo, apollo sport and apollo race, the apollo speed is aimed at an exclusive high speed clientel. Its domain is the mastery of highest speeds. Thanks to polished aerodynamics the drive side values of the speed are far above those of the competition.

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40th Gumpert Apollo Delivered 40th Gumpert Apollo Delivered

Exactly three years after series production began in Altenburg, Thuringia; the 40th apollo rolled out of the factory. And even in times of economic and financial crisis, Roland Gumpert, company founder and managing director, and his 45-man team, are looking at the coming year with optimism, as the GUMPERT success story has only just begun. Reason enough to review past experiences and to find out why this super-sportsman is so fascinated with the griffin as a symbol? "The most...

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2009 Gumpert Apollo - (Global) 2009 Gumpert Apollo - (Global)

UK Magazine Car is the latest of the lucky few publications to have driven the Gumpert Apollo supercar. Mark Walton from Car commented that the car looks like an old Group C supercar which is kinder than when Richard Hammond from Top Gear said there wasn’t a camera angle which can make this car look good.

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