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US Ford Dealer's Radio Campaign Labeled as Racist

December 11th, 2008

A Ford Dealer in the US has been labeled as racist in their latest radio advertising campaign.

In South Carolina the Ford O.C Welch dealer’s campaign titles “Wake up America” and takes digs at imported brands, specific to the Japanese stating “all those cars are rice ready… not road ready”. Without doubt its obvious Ford has struggled this year in its sales of new vehicles but no-one believes this type of advertising will increase this dealer’s market share.

Another message made by the creative Welch in the controversial radio advertisement was “Why don’t they have that new car smell?”, Usually that ‘new car smell’ Welch is referring to is the aroma of potent chemicals used in cheap plastics that emit brain-cell damaging odours.


Click to watch the youtube video with the radio advertisement and Welch’s comments.

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