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Pictorial - The Smart ForTwo and Piaggio MP3… What lies ahead?

December 1st, 2008
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According to the esteemed publication ‘The Economist’, in 2008 Melbourne, the home of PressPortal, was ranked as the world’s 2nd most livable city behind only Vancouver. In making their decision the Economist considered issues such as the threat of terrorism and the availability of goods and services, however of interest to us is that they also took into consideration ‘effective infrastructure’, which includes mobility.

This got us thinking. Melbourne’s population has been steadily growing of late and at last count Melbourne was the home to nearly 3.75 million people. So whilst our city is no-where near the size of big cities such as Tokyo, UK or Mexico, which is home to 20 million people and where some residents have to commute to work by car in a journey that can take four hours (and that’s only one way), Melbourne’s roads aren’t exactly desolate.

There has also been a shift in our city, and Australia wide, over the last few years from the traditional large segment car dominating the sales charts to a significant shift favoring smaller vehicles. In 2008 the most popular privately purchased new car in Australia will be a small segment sized car.

Our automotive landscape is changing and the speed of this will only increase over the next ever important decade.  We think that we’re at a pretty exciting time with lots of exciting ideas being proposed on what we’ll be able to drive and not drive in the years ahead.

One such idea is the recent news that an organization called Better Place has chosen Melbourne as one of its test cities for an electric powered automotive grid. (Read news here, Australian Electric Car Network Announced)

With this in mind we at PressPortal will continue to provide our viewers with news and reviews on different forms of personal mobility.

For example, we have recently reviewed the clever Smart ForTwo super compact light car and the amazing 3-wheeled Piaggio MP3 scooter. You can read their respective reviews here – Smart ForTwo & Piaggio MP3 250.



Both are premium vehicles which don’t follow the norm. Congratulations to all the early adopters who have chosen these vehicles not because they have too, but because they want too.



The Smart ForTwo and Piaggio MP3 are both breaking away from the norm; we’re hoping and betting that we’ll start to see many more innovative forms of transport on our local roads, and yours, over the next decade.

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