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New State of the Art Ferrari and Maserati Dealership by Zagame Automotive

October 22nd, 2008
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Today was the official media launch for the new Ferrari and Maserati dealership owned by the Zagame family in Melbourne. The new dealership has moved to Swan Street Richmond, just around the corner from its old premise on Church Street. Why the move you might ask. Well, you have to see it to believe it, or rather experience it. The experience is what Zagame Automotive is all about when they sell their beautiful works of art, also known as Ferrari and Maserati.

The new premise is over 10,000 square metres and has three levels, including a state of the art service centre and a vehicle storage garage for customers who drive their vehicles irregularly. The showroom floor can hold 25-30 vehicles, including new cars and historically rare vehicles. On show today, Zagames was fortunate enough to have the recently unveiled California for potential customers to place their order, and join the queue. There are already 200 deposits down for the new California for Australia and New Zealand, with up to an 18 month waiting period.

Zagame Automotive have been the official distributor dealer network for Ferrari and Maserati in Victoria for three years now, and have increased sales of the two brands significantly. In their first year, sales jumped and in the last 12-18 months sales have doubled.

Ferrari and Maserati Dealer


Neville Crichton - the Governing Director of Ateco Automotive - labels the Zagame group as “a class act”. The new Zagame site is one of the largest and best Ferrari dealerships in the world and with an investment of over $30 million you wouldn’t expect anything less. With the Australian economy going through a bit of a financial crisis, “Ferrari is the closest brand to being recession proof” explains Mr Crichton. He also states that Zagame is here for the long haul, and the investment into this facility shows their commitment. Bobby Zagame who heads up the Zagame dealer franchise says that having a state of the art service centre at the same location as the showroom was a plan from the start because it "adds to the experience of buying a Ferrari”.

At the previous showroom, there was no service centre on-site, customers would take their vehicles to a separate location for maintenance and repairs. Moving them to the same location brings customers back into the showroom to admire the new cars, purchase some merchandise or perhaps enjoy a coffee whilst sitting on the luxurious leather couches and watching their vehicle being serviced. “We’re all about providing an experience and lifestyle” says Mr. Zagame. As customers drive into the dealership they enter via the side door and get to see the first class service centre with the latest technology, the large merchandising stand and the beautiful cars throughout the showroom. Customers are able to enjoy a cup of coffee whilst walking around and look at the masterpieces on display. “I wanted to create a warm, friendly environment, not stale or sterile” We were told that a customer ran his business on a laptop from the couches whilst his Ferrari was being serviced one morning earlier this week.

Bobby Zagame, Managing Director Zagame Automotive

The first floor is one large showroom with many new Ferraris and Maseratis on display including some historic cars loaned to Zagames by some trusting customers. The Ferrari dedicated merchandising area is also on same floor along with the glass wall where you can watch these beautiful cars being serviced. The F1 technical bay is also on display for servicing the racier type vehicles such as the F430 Scuderia that was on the hoist as we walked through.

F1 Technical Bay

The second level has cars on display also; however this is where the lucky customers actually configure their vehicle. Samples of leather, paints and other materials are available to be seen and touched before a customer locks in their decision of how they will personalize their new vehicle. The couches are even made from the same leather used in the Maseratis. Customers take delivery of their new vehicle in the middle of the showroom floor, where we're told that the experience is designed to be personal. The vehicle is covered and special lighting is focused on and under the new set of wheels, customers are taken through the books and functionality before the covers are taken off and their own car is unveiled to them for the first time.

To further enhance the personal experience of owning a Ferrari, owners are encouraged to visit the factory in Marrenello, to marvel at the craftsmen at work. Every month or two Zagames also host track days at Sandown Raceway where owners are able to drive their sports cars a bit faster and in a controlled environment and occasionally they are also accompanied by some of the test drivers who offer valuable tuition.

The second level is also available to Ferrari and Maserati owners to hire for events or launches, perhaps not 21st birthdays or footy functions though.

Zagame Ferrari and Maserati Dealer

At the very top third level is the head office for Zagame Automotive, we’re told that Bobby Zagame’s office has one of the best views outside of the CBD. The beautiful boardroom, which is used for events, launches and staff training, has its walls covered with leather. Zagame also offers the opportunity for customers to store their vehicles in a clean and secure space. These vehicles are frequently washed, detailed and left on trickle charge until the perfect driving day comes around.

Zagames encourages people to visit the complex, marvel at the exotic vehicles and even purchase your very own Ferrari or Maserati model car. In Victoria, Zagame also has showrooms for Alfa Romeo, Fiat, Citroen, Lotus, Caterham and Morgan vehicles.

The Zagame Ferrari & Maserati dealership is located at 430 Swan Street, Richmond.

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