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Rob Roy Hill Climb, 28th September 2008 Overview

October 16th, 2008
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On the weekend of the 28th September 2008, it was the first Spring event for the Rob Roy Hill Climb in the outer Melbourne area of Christmas Hills, one of the oldest Hill Climb racing events in Australia.


Because the Rob Roy Hill Climb is surrounded by stunning driving roads we thought we'd drive to the event in a fleet of Lotus’. We managed to get our hands on an Elise S/C and an Exige (thanks to Lotus Australia) to attend the hill climb and then go for a Sunday afternoon spin in the hills.


The line-up of race cars competing in the Hill Climb stretched from T Model Ford Hot Rods to Subaru WRXs competing in their respective classes. Each vehicle gets 5 attempts throughout the day to obtain their best time. The course is 670 metres up a steep hill, with the average time on the day being 27.06 seconds. The vehicle with the overall best time was Richard Harman’s Subaru WRX STi 2 door sedan with a 23.06 seconds.

The various classes that competed on the day:


Class A

Up to 1300cc

Class B

1301 – 1600cc

Class C

1601 – 2000cc

Class D

2001 – 3000cc

Class E

Over 3000cc

Class F

Clubman Sports

Class G

Pre 1960 Racecars

Class H

Post 1960 Racecars


The course might look simple sitting from the spectator area but let me tell you, it's far more challenging than it looks. It takes a bit of skill to get a good start off the line, so when a car is approaching the start they are entitled to heat the tyres up by burning a bit of rubber, just like they do at the drags.



When the lights go green, the cars launch off the line and go flat stick for 100 metres up a decent incline before the straight turns into a right hand sweeper where most cars on the day were able to keep their accelerator pedal to the metal. Coming out of the sweeper the track goes down hill before a quick change in gradient and the track then heads steeply uphill heading deeply into a tight left hand turn. Drivers must be beware of this corner as many cars understeer into the dirt, however conquor this and the finish line is just up the hill.


The MG Car Club of Victoria hold the lease for the Rob Roy Hill Climb track and do a great job marketing and running the events every few months, providing a safe racing environment for drivers and spectators.


The next Hill Climb event at Rob Roy is on the 25th of November 2008

After watching all the cars do a few runs and have a few spills, we decided to take the Lotus Elise and Exige for a spin around the spectacular roads of King Lake.

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