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Sent in - HSV SV6000

October 16th, 2008
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Another PressPortal reader has sent in a photo of a car spotted on streets of Melbourne, this one is a Holden Special Vehicle Limited Edition.

The vehicle photographed is a rare VZ HSV SV6000 Limited Edition, HSV's SV badge dates back to NV Commodores in 1989 and just over 350 SV5000s were manufactured and are still considered a collectors item today.

In 2005 HSV assembled 50 SV6000 vehicles and didn’t take long to sell at all, available in any colour you wanted as long as it was bright yellow with decal down the side. The SV5000 was able to produce 200kW, not so impressive these days compared with the SV6000 outputting 297kW @ 6000rpm.

The SV6000 was based off the Clubsport with all the extras you would expect HSV to stick on, custom leather interior with cool stitching to match the new handbrake and gear shifter trim, the most notable and technical extras in the SV6000 were the upgraded brake package and the DDI or known to HSV owners as Driver Dynamic Interface. An electronic PDA with diary and calendar like functions and satellite navigation.

The HSV SV6000 had a recommended retail price tag of approximately $80,000, three years later you can buy a second hand example for about $45,000.

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