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Cruise to the Phillip Island MotoGP

October 8th, 2008
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The Australian weekend of the MotoGP at Phillip Island attracts a massive crowd, mostly on bikes. So many that as a result the main street of Cowes is closed off to cars, and only Motorbikes are permitted to enter. The Phillip Island MotoGP is now so popular that tickets are sold out prior to the event, nevertheless there’s much to see on the Island to keep everyone entertained.

Walking down the main street of Cowes with so many bikes around is like a kid in a candy store, well for us anyway.


All sorts of two wheelers and some three wheelers, the bikes ranged from Honda 110cc postie bikes, to custom Vrods, Choppers, Hyabusas and R1s as far as the eye can see.


The honorable mention was a custom trike with a Holden V6 engine in it; featuring car seats, one for the driver and two in the rear with seatbelts ‘for extra safety’. Mounted to the rear of the Trike was a tow bar, attached was a large caravan, what the?


For the fans that weren’t lucky enough to score tickets to the MotoGP, or for the crowds that travelled to the Island simply seeking a good time and a couple of amber liquors, the council kindly provided a big screen televising footage from the circuit.


Mobile bars were serving up some of Australia’s finest brews, all the shops were selling Ducati-Stoner or Yamaha-Rossi merchandise, similar to Bathurst where its Holden Vs. Ford. Then at dusk the street comes alive with music and other various entertainment.



Island provides some of the most scenic roads in Victoria; we rode the 2.3L Triumph Rocket III Classic around the Island in various Bikie groups to tourist attractions such as the Nobbies, Churchill Island, Rhyll and then the Penguins before retiring home.

Koala in a tree at the Koala conservatory


Photos from the Nobbies

Cows at Churchill Island



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