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Nissan responds to Porsche’s cheating accusation

October 6th, 2008

Following on from Porsche’s claim that Nissan must have achieved a record lap time of the Nurburgring by using non production racing tyres on its GT-R, Nissan have officially responded.

“The final word from us is that it was done on absolutely standard tyres which are available to customers in the showroom.  They’re not trick tyres – absolutely standard tyres, normal road tyres.” Neil Reeve, spokesman Nissan Europe.

Apparently, the tyres used were Dunlop SP Sport Tyres which come standard on the entry level GT-R, not the more expensive Bridgestone Potenza run-flats on the upper spec grade.

Reeves also said “it’s flattering that Porsche have brought themselves a GT-R and flown it to Germany”.

Car magazine recently lapped the Nissan GT-R and two Porsche 911’s around the Anglesey Race Track in the United Kingdom during its 2008 Performance Car of the Year awards.  Porsche would not have been too happy to hear that the GT-R recorded a time of 1.00.6 whilst the more expensive 911S PDK recorded a significantly slower 1.03.2.  Even more worrying for Porsche is that it’s 911 GT2, more than twice as expensive as the GT-R, lapped the circuit in 1.01.2.

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