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Porsche hoses down GT-R lap record

October 2nd, 2008
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Rumour abounds that Porsche is accusing Nissan of cheating its GT-R Nurburgring lap record time of 7:29.  How did they come to this conclusion?  Porsche apparently purchased the new Japanese supercar and ran it around the Nurburgring alongside their 911 Turbo and GT2.  They found that the GT-R repeatedly recorded lap times a significant 25 seconds less than the 7:29 claimed by Nissan.

According to sources, Porsche even took it a step further by claiming they recorded faster times in both the 911 Turbo and GT2 over the GT-R.  Apparently Porsche claim that the Nissan GT-R used for the lap record wasn’t a production series model and most likely was equipped with super special track tyres that generated superior grip.

This is not the first time the Nissan GT-R's lap time has been questioned.  As soon as Nissan published the 7:29 Ring record lap time a leading UK specialist car magazine also questioned the GT-R, doubting that the time could have been achieved on the production cars tyres.

Whilst the GT-R’s lap time was likely improved by the above modifications, which we aren’t in favour of, in head to head comparisons with the 911 Turbo this year we’ve read more twin and group test reviews giving the GT-R the nod over the 911 Turbo than the other way around.

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