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I’ll have a Bigfoot in Yellow Please

September 30th, 2008

Forgot the all too common place car model grade names such as S or GL, rumour has it that Skodi is contemplating turning it up a notch with next years all new Skoda Yeti.  Car Magazine has reported that the fast becoming cool Czech brand may offer the Yeti in grades such as ‘Big Foot’.

The auto industry, maybe justifiably because of the high purchase price of a car compared to Fast Moving Consumer Goods, have tended to tread a more conservative path with branding than say the typical confectionary or soft drink.  Even so we’re glad that Skoda is doing its part to move the auto industry into the 21st century and reaching out to the generation Y ge group.

This got us thinking.  What are some of your memorable or not so memorable brand names? 

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