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Toyota Prius Taxi

September 23rd, 2008
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Amongst the hundreds of Aussie large car Holden Commodore and Ford Falcons making up Melbourne’s taxi fleets, it’s now the Toyota Prius’ time to shine.  With the 10,000th Australian Prius recently being sold we’re surprised it has taken until 2008 for them to appear in Australia’s second largest city. 

At the top end of Australia, in the far smaller city of Cairns, they have been far more common.  Thirty-two Prius taxi’s are currently on the streets of Cairns, with one example having just reached 550,000kms boasting that it still has its original battery in place.

Whether you’re a fan of the hybrid or not, we’re expecting a greater number of Toyota Hybrids to hit the streets of Melbourne in the coming years, especially considering the hybrid Camry will be built in Melbourne from 2010.

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