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New Pagani Factory - (Italy)

September 18th, 2008

The November 2008 edition of EVO magazine states plans have been approved for an-all new Pagani factory to be built that is three times larger than the existing factory.

The founder of the supercar manufacturer, Horacio Pagani, hopes to have the new building finished in 2010 when the C9, replacement to today’s Zonda, is due to roar out of the factory gates.

Pagani is located in Modena, Italy, a region which is often referred to as the soul of the supercar - or should we say hypercar in Pagani’s case - world.

Evo magazine also adds that development of the C9 is going along well, with the four prototype vehicles currently undergoing 800,000kms of testing. Whilst the current Zonda S houses a 7.3L AMG sourced V12 engine that generates 408kW (555hp) rumour is that the C9 will use a smaller displacement AMG engine.

In its relatively short life as a supercar manufacturer, the Zonda has been critiqued by journalists worldwide as being a truly world class car. We can’t wait for the upcoming C9.

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