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Why Is This Dealership So Popular?

September 19th, 2008

No this Fiat Dealer is not named, owned or endorsed by Gordon Ramsay, but if Mr. Ramsay wanted to buy a Fiat Punto, I know where he would buy it from.

In a small town in Brazil, Fiat has opened a dealership with what might seem a blasphemous and offensive name.

Employees of a Fiat dealer in Brazil are astounded as to why so many tourists stop by to take photos. I can tell you it’s certainly not because of a Punto or 500 parked out the front, rather the name of this dealer.

The word that’s known to most of us, probably even used frequently by us, it can be used to describe almost anything depending on the mood you’re in or if you’ve had a bad day. Would you buy a car here? I probably would just to get the tax invoice.

Check it for yourself, click here.

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