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Lamborghini Secret Reveals Another Piece of the Puzzle - (Global)

September 25th, 2008
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Lamborghini HQ has revealed its third teaser image prior to the release of the secret car.

"The elegant realisation of technical potential"

The 2008 Paris Motor Show kicks off next month with many brands trying to steal the thunder with concepts, new models and all the wizz bangs that you expect. By far you would have to admit Lamborghini is keeping everyone excited about its new model that will be previewed to the world come October.

This image is obviously the rear of the vehicle, it confirms speculation that the engine will be front mounted with a boot at the rear, however this image does not confirm the number of doors or seats this secret Lamborghini contains.

At PressPortal we combined the first teaser image with the third image to show you what the rear could look like.

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