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The New Lamborghini GT? - (Global)

September 22nd, 2008
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Automotive News has confirmed that Lamborghini will unveil a four door car at next months Paris Motor Show.  The new model will have a mid mounted front engine and like the Gallardo and Murcielago it will only be available in four wheel drive.


Sources at Lamborghini have also indicated that Audi may provide the engine for the vehicle, possibly a direct-injection turbocharged motor smaller than the existing Lamborghini powerplants.  A V6 or more likely a V8 would also enable the car to have more compact dimensions which would contribute to better handling.


Speculation is also that the four door GT may share an all alloy body with the next Audi A8 which is due to go on sale within the next 24 months.  Aston Martin’s upcoming 4-door Rapide will be alloy bodied whilst the competing Porsche Panamera and less expensive Audi A7 will be steel bodied.


Finally, over at Carspyshots a reader has discovered that Lamborghini has registered the name Urus (‘large cattle’ in English) with the trademark office.


Original Article

Lamborghini have released a 2nd teaser image ahead of the unveiling of a new car at the upcoming Paris Motor Show from the 2nd of October.  Last week we mentioned some of the ideas on what this car could be (Read original article here). Well we can now disregard most of those.

So you can see for yourself we have compared the latest teaser image with the two models currently in the brands stable, the Murciealago and Gallardo.

Lambo Comparison

What’s evidently noticeable is that the new car will have a much longer bonnet than the existing Murcielago and Gallardo, both two seat rear engine supercars.  The front door line is not even visible in the image and the vent opening in the front quarter panel is a common design trait in a classic GT car.  The front brake disks are also smaller than needed for a Lamborghini supercar. The rear exhaust, clearly visible in the first image is also of a more conservative design than the extroverted large square exhaust of the Murcielago.  These points all indicate that Lamborghini will be releasing a new GT in a year or two, fittingly next year will be exactly thirty years since the firms last GT, the Urraco, went out of production.

Lambo GT Comparison

Whilst its looking like Lamborghini will unveil a GT, we can’t tell whether it will be a four seat Ferrari 612 competitor or whether Lamborghini decides to place more pressure on the brilliant two seat only Ferrari 599 GTB Fioriano.  If bets were on, we’d lean towards a two door, four seat GT, as the Murcielago already competes against the 599, although the Lamborghini is a far more extroverted car.  And with Aston Martin releasing the beautiful Rapide in 2009 Lamborghini may well wish to target this growing market.  Russia and China, both high growth markets, have an increasing appetite for expensive GT’s.

Tyre Size

One thing that is unusual with the upcoming new car is its tyre size.  If you look closely on the above image the measurements of the front tyre are 295/30 ZR 19.  But that’s a topic in itself which you can read over here.

One thing is for sure, their will be more to come in the coming days.  Stayed tuned…

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