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New 2008 BMW G 450 X - (Australia)

September 17th, 2008

The new BMW G 450 X.
Just Add Race Numbers.

BMW Motorrad Australia introduces the G 450 X, its first competition enduro motorcycle; race-bred and battle-hardened.

The G 450 X was designed by the passionate enduro riders within BMW Motorrad and comprehensively refined during real world competition.

Over the past two years BMW has been pacing the G 450 X against the men and machines in the World Enduro Championship, measuring the effectiveness of its unique design against the hardest competition in the world. The result is a machine that is as easy to ride as it is fun. Serious fun, seriously fast.

Now the production version of that machine is available in Australia and backed by a BMW 2-year / unlimited km warranty. It is priced at $12,450 plus dealer delivery and on road costs.

The G 450 X has been designed explicitly for racing and travelling at speed over rough terrain, all the while delivering the most fun possible to its rider.

From a customer perspective the G 450 X arrives ready-to-race direct from the factory, via their BMW Motorrad dealer. Just add race numbers.

The patented, unrivalled technical features of the new G 450 X contribute to the advancement of technological competition in this segment.

The BMW G 450 X. Different by design.

BMW Motorrad is never content with run-of-the-mill design and construction features. High-tech design ideas have been implemented for both the engine and the chassis, in keeping with the BMW Motorrad off-road sporting tradition.

The concept of the BMW G 450 X is based on keeping the centre of gravity as low as possible, and ensuring the machine is as agile as possible.

BMW Motorrad engineers combined the swing arm's pivoting axle with the front counter shaft, ensuring constant chain length throughout the suspension stroke.

In addition, the layout permits a noticeably longer swing arm for the same wheelbase as the competition, delivering the key advantage of enhanced traction, a boon for enduro competition where demands and stresses on rider and machine are intense.

The engine is placed further back in the chassis, allowing the cylinder to lean further forward creating space for long, straight intake tracts, and allowing the fuel injection nozzle and dual throttle valve fuel injection system to be perfectly positioned.

Additional benefits also include optimum protection for the air box and the consequent air flow due to its placement above the motor in front of the seat, as well as helping to concentrate masses as low as possible in the chassis, by locating the 8-litre fuel tank under the seat.

The fuel filler is positioned in the rear part of the seat. Low fuel reserves are indicated by a warning light on the dash.

The starter is placed in front of the engine; the battery is protected from dirt and easily accessible directly behind the steering head in the upper triangular frame.

The air filter is a square, flat, wet foam element, fixed by a drawer mechanism that makes it very easy, safe, clean and fast to change. For this, the right-hand radiator shroud is removed and the air filter drawer is pulled out. The air intake is positioned at the height of the steering head which helps keep out water and dust.

The seat is made from a single piece of special foam rubber. Not having a cover or a substructure as its base saves weight and improves durability.

Continuing the unusual technical theme, the clutch is mounted directly onto the crankshaft. The clutch spins faster than traditional designs, allowing it to be smaller and lighter.

The stainless steel main frame sits directly ahead of the swing arm pivot, bringing maximum stiffness at the same time as minimum weight and fewest components.

A single piece radiator saves unnecessary hoses and it is mounted in one unit in one place, again helping to cut weight.

The overall shape of the machine was dictated by the needs of competition. There is a very narrow waist covered by a long flat seat, giving the rider perfect freedom of movement.

BMW G 450 X benefits in brief:

concentration of mass in the centre of the machine and low down
unique swing arm mount reduces engine effect for better traction, lower chain/sprocket wear
low weight
powerful engine
The BMW G 450 X weighs about 40 kg less than the G 650 Xchallenge for roughly the same output and is perfectly tailored to the requirements of the serious enduro rider.

It comes with a standard 48-tooth rear sprocket and a 15-tooth front sprocket. Included with every machine in the parts kit are alternative 13 and 14-tooth front sprockets.

The engine output of 38 kW (52 hp) is achieved at 9,000 rpm by activating a Power-Up plug, boosting the standard engine output from 30 kW at 8,000 rpm. Peak torque is 44 Nm at 7,800 rpm (Power-UP plug in place, suitable for off road/competition use only) or 42.8 Nm at 6,500 rpm without it. Switching between modes can be quickly and easily effected.

Testing times.

The innovative, patented technology of the BMW single-cylinder sports enduro concept was put to the test in highly-competitive events throughout the 2007 season by experienced and successful racing professionals such as Sascha Eckert, Simo Kirssi and Joël Smets, all of whom helped to finesse the final product.

Excellent traction, smooth responsive engine output, superior riding qualities with extremely light handling, composed balance in slow sections and enormous stability at higher speeds, mean this machine can be enjoyed by all types of enduro riders: highly experienced professionals as well as social riders.

During 2008 the BMW Motorrad Motorsport works racing team has been hard at work in different Enduro sports events, racing in the Enduro World Championship and the German

Cross-Country Championship, with Simo Kirssi winning the Mühlhausen GCC event outright in August.

From passionate professionals for passionate professionals.

BMW Motorrad recognises the interest in global markets in 450 cc enduro sport activities and sees sales potential, especially in Australia, the USA and Spain, countries where a strong existing competition segment exists with many passionate dirt-bike fans.

With an enduring background in off-road machines, BMW is well placed to enter the 450 cc market for the first time.

BMW selected the 450 cc category because it is the biggest segment globally and also the segment where the most exciting racing takes place.

From an Australian standpoint this is also the largest segment of the market, and will thus give the brand the most space in which to grow its tyre print.

The shift to the 450 cc segment is part of an on-going brand shift, moving BMW closer to the desires of younger, sportier riders, as evidenced by the development of the G 650 range as well as the F 800 S/ST parallel twin and the new F 800 GS and F 650 GS.

New name, new number.

The new BMW model designation 'G' introduces a new 'G'eneration of sporty motorcycles powered by powerful, refined, dependable and economic single-cylinder units.

While the BMW G 650 models share many components between their models, the new BMW G 450 X is a stand alone model within the G-series family.


"The new BMW G 450 X is going to be one of the revelations of 2008," said Cameron Cuthill, General Manager of BMW Motorrad Australia and New Zealand.

"The BMW G 450 X has many technical innovations; it is light, agile and fast. It represents cutting edge thinking in the 450 cc enduro segment.

"This machine provides incredible value for money at $12,450 when you consider its mix of performance, technology, and features.

"BMW is serious about having fun on dirt. We know there are a lot of Australian riders who would love to have a BMW in their shed, and the BMW G 450 X is going to be the machine that sparks a long term love affair with the brand.

"We have been greatly encouraged by the huge amount of interest in this bike since it first appeared early in 2007 in prototype guise and competed at a round of the World Enduro Championship.

"In Australia last year, the response from visitors to motorcycle shows where we displayed the bike was immense.

"Now the BMW G 450 X has landed.

"Off-road riders should expect to see these BMW machines out on the trails very soon," Cameron said.

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