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Honda Announces V4 Model Production and Further 2009 Motorcycle Models

November 7th, 2008

Honda has announced the much anticipated news of its intention to commence production of the first V4 model in the first half of 2010 at this week’s Milan show and, showcased the final new motorcycle models for 2009 to include the stylish and ever-popular SH125i scooter, technical and design revisions to the legendary CB600F Hornet, as well as a next generation transmission system.

V4 Production
The exciting news of the V4 production model is the result of overwhelming response from customers, media and motorcycle dealers across Europe following the debut of the V4 Concept Model at last month’s Intermot show, where the world’s largest motorcycle manufacturer chose ‘New Beginnings’ as its theme to celebrate Honda’s 60th anniversary as a company, 50th anniversary of racing and 30th anniversary of the Honda’s iconic V4 engine configuration.

Building on this theme at this week’s Milan Show, Honda highlighted the next stage of the V4 story and looked forward to the next 60 years of motorcycle production, with V4 technology forming a part of the marque’s future direction in the coming few years, starting in just 18 months time with the introduction of the first V4 mass-production model in the first half of 2010.

SH125i and CB600F Hornet
Honda’s 2009 road-going debutantes at the Milan Show include the revised CB600F Hornet and new SH125i scooter, both of which will be available in the UK next season.

Celebrating 25 years on the road in 2009, the ‘SH family’ has become the best selling scooter range in Europe. The original SH of 1984 became a familiar sight on city streets with its distinctive high wheels, flat footboard and generous carrying space. It further pioneered many features now deemed ‘normal’ for scooters including the use of four-stroke power in the third generation SH from 2001 and fuel-injection in 2005, when the SH series was a whole year ahead of the latest Euro III emissions regulations. The SH range has always boasted frugal fuel economy with style and elegance and the 2009 SH125i has all these attributes with fuel consumption of 96mpg (or 21 miles per litre)*. With the SH125’s 7.5 litre fuel tank, that equates to a superb 157.5 miles of motoring for less than £7.50 at today’s prices**. Also continuing its impressive environmental position, the SH125 further boasts emissions of just 69.522g/km – dramatically lower that the 2008 year to date average new car CO2 emissions of 158.6g/km.


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