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Review: 2008 Hummer H2 Review: 2008 Hummer H2

Whilst General Motors made the move in late 2007 to set up the Hummer brand in Australia to sell the mid size H3 SUV, an average of 90 monthly Aussie sales have been achieved to date, for those that crave something a little closer to the original Hummer H1 military truck, fear not. The full sized Hummer H2, amazingly even longer and higher than the H1 beast which went out of production in 2006, can be purchased in Australia from American Vehicle Imports. Whilst we have read a number of...

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2009 Hummer H2 FlexPower - (USA) 2009 Hummer H2 FlexPower - (USA)

The iconic HUMMER H2 is known for going where no other four wheel drive will venture. The model breaks new boundaries for 2009 with standard E85 Flexpower capability on every H2 sold, making it the only model of its kind with can run on E85 ethanol, gasoline or any combination of the two fuels.E85, which consists of up to 85 percent ethanol mixed with gasoline, is a cleaner-burning, higher-octane fuel that can help offset rising demand for oil.

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