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2009 Hyundai i20 First Drive - (Global)

October 24th, 2008

Hyundai’s new i20 light car has been driven and reviewed by European journalists for the first time.  Leading UK magazines Car and Autocar have just reviewed the i20 with a 1.4L CRDi Turbo Diesel producing 67kW (90bhp) and 219Nm (162lb ft).

The i20 - replacement to the existing Getz, is a longer, wider and lower car, however in Australia the Getz will continue to be sold alongside the i20 as an entry level light car.  Car noted that the i20 also has a far more modern European look, which is no surprise as it was designed and developed at Hyundai’s European head quarters. Autocar believe that the i20 is an elegant yet conservative design against new competing light cars such as Ford’s new Fiesta.

The new i20 is built in India, Car noted that the company’s factories currently do not have the technology to use some of the soft touch interior plastics which are attractive to both the eye and to touch.  Autocar agree, mentioning the cheap looking plastics, however believe the i20 has the most contemporary interior thus far from Hyundai.
Car praise the excellent visibility on offer, and believe the seats to be comfortable with an easily adjustable driving position.  Autocar add that there’s a good amount of headroom and knee room for back seat passengers and that the luggage area is reasonable too.

The i20 is praised by Autocar as having ride quality akin to a German car. The advantage is the i20 absorbs big bumps with confidence however comfort suffers as a result.  Car agrees, noting that longer journeys can be a little wearing.

In conclusion, compared to the six year old Getz, Car magazine add the i20 has more composed handling, is a well built light car and has plenty of room. Autocar magazine conclude that the i20 moves the game on for Hyundai and as an overall package should bring many more buyers to the Hyundai brand.  Overall Car awarded the i20 three out of five stars.

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