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New 2009 Mazda MX-5 Facelift - (Global)

October 3rd, 2008
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The facelift MX-5 embodies the purest form of Zoom-Zoom. With evolved sensory qualities, it continues to deliver the unchanging value of "Jinba-Ittai"despite the changing world.  Marking its 20th anniversary next year, the new MX-5 offers a "lots of fun" driving experience underpinned by the untiring passion of Mazda’s engineers since 1989.

Updates at a Glance

Newly evolved look that’s functional and instantly recognizable, as Mazda, and as MX-5

Exterior styling with greater dynamism & athleticism, which contributes to superior aerodynamics
Strongly emphasized a premium identity in the look and feel of the Roadster Coupe
More enhanced “Fun” to enable the driver to enjoy the full potential of the engine performance

500 rpm higher rev limit and the raised engine speed at max power
Introduced a forged crankshaft, fully floating pistons and newly designed valve springs
Sportier engine sound that responds more crisply to accelerator inputs
Surge tank rigidity optimization, new forged crankshaft and ISE , Induction Sound Enhancer (for 6MT)
Smoother shifting feel with brisk and high-quality steering feel

With 6MT, the meshing surfaces of the 1st–4th triple-cone synchronizers are now carbon coated, and the 3rd–4th synchronizer diameter has been increased.
Linear & sporty 6AT that’s newly available for Europe incorporates two new control technologies, Direct Activematic (DAM) and Active Adaptive Shift (AAS).
A lower front roll centre and retuned suspension make the car’s response to steering inputs more linear and enable the driver to precisely trace desired lines. The yaw and roll also feel more natural, producing a higher-quality ride
Improved quietness

Roadster Coupe cockpit road noise with the roof closed is 2.1dB lower than before. Improvements include urethane filling in the front suspension member and damping material in the front roof section.
Quietness is further promoted in the Roadster Coupe and soft-top version by stiffer door modules and by newly added reinforcements on the No. 2 crossmember.
Environmental, safety and conformability

More convenient features, ie., improved Bose®sound system, 5 step adjustable seat heater, etc.
Average fuel consumption and outside air temperature display is equipped
More models featuring DSC as standard equipment
All information in this press copy is based on the specifications of the freshened Mazda MX-5 at the time of writing. Mazda’s product development is ongoing, so certain details of the vehicle may change. For confirmation, please contact the nearest Mazda public relations representative.

The MX-5 facelift will be introduced on the European market in early spring 2009.


Overall length

4,020 mm

Overall width

1,720 mm

Overall height

1,245 mm (RHT 1,255mm)


2,330 mm

Tread (front/rear)

1,490 mm/1,495 mm

Seating capacity

2 persons



MZR 1.8L I4 DOHC 16-valve
MZR 2.0L I4 DOHC 16-valve

Max. output (target)

1.8L: 93kW (126PS) / 6,500 rpm
2.0L with MT: 118kW (160PS) / 7,000 rpm
2.0L with AT: 118kW (160PS) / 6,700 rpm

Max. torque (target)

1.8L: 167Nm /4,500 rpm
2.0L: 188Nm /5,000 rpm

Bore x stroke

1.8L: 83.0 mm x 83.1 mm
2.0L: 87.5 mm x 83.1 mm



5-speed manual
6-speed manual
6-speed Activematic



Rack and pinion


Type (front/rear)

Double wishbone/multilink


Type (front/rear)

Ventilated disc/solid disc

Tyres and wheels


16”: 205/50R 16 (front/rear)
17”: 205/45R 17 (front/rear)


16”: 16x6 1/2J (front/rear)
17”: 17x7J (front/rear)

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