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Spy: Honda's Hybrid-Only Model - (Global)

August 5th, 2008

Honda has announced that the hybrid system for the new hybrid-only small car to be released in 2009 will cost about 50% less than that in the current Civic Hybrid. The announcement was made by Executive Vice President Koichi Konda which continues Honda’s movement towards a green future. He says that the shift towards low-cost hybrid vehicles is underway and will be achieved by the use of simplified structures and a reduction in the hybrid system size and weight.

The Integrated Motor Assist (IMA) system developed by Honda will continue to be used for the hybrid-only model. Honda is aiming to drastically reduce the cost of the IMA system in order to make the technology more feasible for future expansion.

Koichi Konda says: "The system's cost itself, excluding the (subsidiary) effects of standardizing components, for example, differs (from the cost of other systems seen in the Civic Hybrid, etc).

The new five door hybrid-only model will seat five passengers and be used as a family commuter, which is said to sit somewhere between the Honda Civic and FCX Clarity.

The hybrid-only model will boast affordability to consumers with a price tag of less than US$18,580.

Images from: leftlanenews.com

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