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2009 Porsche Cayman S Driven

December 7th, 2008
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Porsche’s updated Cayman has hit the road and the first batch of lucky journalists have had some initial time behind the wheel. It’s pricier, but is it any better?

What do you mean it’s updated as it doesn’t look much different too me.

True, whilst it’s only a mid life cycle facelift the updated Cayman has far more going for it than just a redesigned front and rear bumper, new light units and redesigned alloy wheels. For starters is the jump in power with the base Cayman’s 2.7L flat six engine growing to 2.9L and 195kW (up from 180kW). The Cayman S variant sticks with 3.4L however the addition of Direct Fuel Injection see’s a jump in power from 217kW to 235kW.

The 5 speed tiptronic is no more, replaced with a far superior dual-clutch seven-peed PDK gearbox. For those that prefer changing gears themselves, if you tick the manual box you’ll now get a six-speed in the base model as well as the S variant.

What’s it like on the road?

UK magazine Autocar, who have just driven the new car say it’s excellent. Unlike in the 911 where direct injection has resulted in a slight loss of character for the flat six, in the Cayman S it’s all good news. It’s faster (actually with the PDK transmission the Cayman S is a fast as a new 3.6L 911), sounds tougher and with the option of a limited-slip differential it handles better than the outgoing car.

So what’s the catch?

No much really. Fuel economy and emissions are improved however prices are due to increase slightly. However compared to an entry level 911, which Autocar believe is not as accomplished as the Cayman S, it’s significantly cheaper.

Whilst the majority of sales will go towards the 3.6L 911, a wise enthusiast would be crazy to discount the new Cayman.

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