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CGI: New Mercedes-Benz SLR Speedster - (Global)

August 3rd, 2008
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We’ve only seen the SLR Speedster with its zebra camouflage on, but now Jon Sibal has shown us what it may look like beneath.

Jon Sibal says, “Even though the Speedster version of the SLR seems to only have the windshield and roof missing, I’ve learned that aesthetically, this speedster is a completely different beast from its McLaren SLR predecessor. The only parts that these two cars share are the headlights. Practically all body panels have been redesigned. The whole side panel, fenders and doors are all different. The hood was also redesigned to tame the slope leading to the high beams which was originally connected to the A pillar. The front bumper is new reflecting a bit more of an FXX Evo design cues. The side exit exhaust is now placed in the side fender vents as how it appeared in the original 1955 300 SLR instead of the rocker panels found in the current McLaren model.”

Even with the introduction of the roadster and 722 limited edition variants for the current SLR, sales targets have still not been achieved. All hope is now put towards the SLR Speedster to deliver the results which have long been missed by Mercedes-Benz.

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