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New Nissan Mixim EV AWD Concept Car - (Global)

October 6th, 2008
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Nissan brings the audacious electric Mixim concept car to Sydney for the 2008 Australian International Motor Show that opens on 9 October.

On show for the first time outside Europe, Mixim is powered by advanced, compact Lithium-Ion batteries driving two of Nissan’s ‘Super Motor’ electric motor/generator packs - one each for the front and rear axles - the Mixim is effectively an all-wheel drive city car that delivers spirited performance with no tailpipe emissions.

Mixim is capable of a top speed of 180 km/h, with a potential maximum range of 250km from the two 50kW electric motors. The futuristic laminate Lithium-Ion batteries are quick to recharge; from discharged to fully charged takes between 20 and 40 minutes, or less time than the average lunch-break.

Nissan’s Mixim looks like no other small city car. The dramatic swept-back wraparound windscreen is the dominant feature, inspired by a crash helmet’s visor.

The flowing roofline finishes at a sharply truncated rear hatch. Large scissor-hinged doors encroach into the roof making access easy.

Behind the F1-style, centrally mounted driver’s seat are two passenger seats, while a further occasional seat is slotted in behind in the spacious luggage area.

The driver’s seat can move aside to aid passengers’ entry and exit.

Mixim has a 2530mm wheelbase, and is just 3700mm long, 1800mm wide and 1400mm high. Thus it is shorter and lower than a Nissan Micra, though slightly wider. The lightweight composite body allows a kerb weight of just 950kg.

Inside, the driver grasps a U-shaped steering wheel and there are rear view cameras in place of door mirrors, relaying the view from behind onto screens at each end of the dash.

An LCD screen displays vehicle speed; distance covered, and power usage. An advanced mapping system does more than deliver turn-by-turn navigation instructions, employing a forward-facing camera to give the driver an accurate ‘real-time’ depiction of the road ahead.

The panel also incorporates a virtual representation of the front wheels. This is linked to real-time movement of the steering wheel to give the driver the impression of being in control of a single-seater racing car. From a steering input point of view that’s not too wide of the mark: Mixim needs just half a turn to go from lock-to-lock.

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