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New NICE MyCar All-Electric City Car - (UK) New NICE MyCar All-Electric City Car - (UK)

Introducing MyCar, the all-electric city car that’s set to take the motor show by storm. It’s a two-seater, with a truly international pedigree; designed by Giugiaro of Italdesign , made in Hong Kong and on sale through the NICE Car Company in London come Autumn.

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The NICE Ze-O all-electric MPV - (UK) The NICE Ze-O all-electric MPV - (UK)

Affordable, practical, with low running costs and zero emissions; NICE Car Company today presents the first image of the all-new Ze-O. Making its global debut at the British Motor Show next week, this MPV is the first all-electric car available within a family budget. “All-electric sports car prototypes are eye-catching and interesting,” said Julian Wilford, co-founder NICE Car Company. “However, we all know customers want practical electric cars and they want them sooner rather than later. The...

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