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New Volkswagen 2028 Concepts - (Global)

July 9th, 2008
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A new micro-site displaying the future visions of Volkswagen for the year of 2028 has now been launched.

Appearances of four innovative models are displayed, the first being the “Up!” which had been presented at the 2007 International Motor Show in Frankfurt, the “Ego” a two seater sports coupe, the “One” a single seater transporter and the “Room” a larger four seater model.

“Cars won't be able to fly in the year 2028, but we'll experience vehicles that communicate with traffic lights and other vehicles, that you can control using words and that have the necessary intelligence to find a free parking space and park in it automatically without a driver. You'll be able to change the colours and forms of your custom-made car at any time. We're looking at new drive concepts so that we can make the vision of emission-free cars a reality as soon as possible. Be inspired by functions that are both innovative and useful.” - Volkswagen

Visit www.volkswagen2028.com for further details.

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