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CGI: 2010 Mazda9 - (Australia)

June 12th, 2008
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Since 2002 a booming Mazda has done without a hero saloon. An archetypal staple of so many Japanese brands, a large luxury sedan has been successful in both Japan and overseas markets. Lexus, in the late nineteys proved that Asian brands and their reputations can be valued and celebrated. More recently, surprisingly expensive cars from Nissan, Subaru, Toyota and even Hyundai have been hits, offering a great deal of value in a price bracket that represents questionable asking prices for some of Germany’s finest.

Mazda, perhaps the top Asian marque from the last five years will surely look to expand as that appears the trend to find market share. Both Mercedes-Benz and Volkswagen have built successful empires off constantly expanding lineups. As a bread-and-butter model, a new 929 (9, as it would be known under the current naming scheme) is a requisite in the US market and would likely be financially viable overseas where Mazda is booming.

The recently unveiled North American model Mazda 6 is evidence that size is a priority and that larger Mazdas are once again on the radar. The supplied image takes a glance at a large Mazda applying the Nagare (”flow) styling. The main feature is a sliced glasshouse that meets the tailgate seamlessly, echoing the shape of a classic coupe and offering maximum space.


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