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Limited Edition Renault Clio - (UK)

July 17th, 2008
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Buoyed by the sale of 30,000 Clio by Rip Curls in more than 20 countries in 2007, Renault is looking to build on its successful partnership with the well known surfing and snowboarding brand Rip Curl with the release of Clio by Rip Curl 2008.

Available in three- and five-door form, this limited edition is both dynamic andtrendy and promises to appeal thanks to the potential it offers for customization and a list of specific equipment tailored for those who enjoy winter and watersports.

Clio by Rip Curl's distinctive exterior looks are enhanced by a range of customization packages featuring modern, striking graphics ('Rock', 'Girly','Planète'), while the interior has been revisited by Rip Curl. Special touches include specific upholstery sporting the Rip Curl logo, a chrome centre console, exclusive Rip Curl sills and specific rubber floor mats, as well as a sand- and snow-proof compartmented stowage box in the boot.

The partnership between the two companies is evidence not only of the passion which Rip Curl and Renault both share for freedom and mobility, but also their commitment to respecting and protecting the planet. Renault contributes financially to the Rip Curl Planet Foundation, which is associated with the WWF, while an exclusive feature of the Clio Rip Curl range is the availability of an E85 bioethanol 1.2 16V engine (depending on country). Indeed, all the engines available combine driving pleasure with low CO2 emissions; every version of Clio by Rip Curl sold in France emits less than 140g of CO2/km in addition to complying with the three criteria required to benefit from the Renault eco² appellation.

Clio by Rip Curl will go on sale in France in April, although it is possible to place orders across the Renault network from February 28. Prices for this limited edition model represent a saving of €500 compared with the equivalent Clio III Dynamique.

Dynamic, customizable looks
In 2007, 30,000 Clio by Rip Curls were sold in around 20 countries. Buoyed by this success, Renault is continuing its partnership with the famous surfing and snowboarding brand with the release of Clio by Rip Curl 2008. Three customization packages are available for both the three- and five-door versions of Clio by Rip Curl:

  • The 'Rock' graphics corresponds to Rip Curl's 2008 mens wear collection,
  • The 'Girly' graphics correspond to Rip Curl's 2008 ladies wear collection,
  • The 'Planète' graphics is based on the Rip Curl Planet Foundation in association with the WWF.

    This limited edition Clio features special decorative trimming on the boot, on the rear door panels and on the anti-slip front door sill. The exterior design itself is dynamic and flowing, a sensation underpinned by the expressive gaze of the headlamps and black headlamp masks. Depending on country, Clio by Rip Curl is available with additional cornering lights and extra-tinted rear glass as standard. The flanks of this limited edition feature Rip Curl branding on the side protective strips and a new body colour, Dyna Red, has been introduced for the model. Five other metallic finishes are available (Iceberg Blue, Nacré Black, Blue Grey, Platine Grey and Eclipse Grey), as well as two non-metallic finishes (Vif Red and Roy Blue).

    An interior revisited by Rip Curl
    Comfort and alluring decor take centre stage inside thanks to Rip Curl's eye for detail:

  • specific upholstery featuring contrasting grey fabric for the sides of the seats and for the front and rear headrests. A white Rip Curl logo at the top of the front seats. A Rip Curl tag sewed onto the front headrest.
  • decal on the chrome strip above the glovebox,
  • chrome centre console fascia,
  • specific sills,
  • leather steering wheel and gear level knob. And when it comes to interior space and travelling comfort, Clio continues to stand out as the benchmark in its class.

    Interior equipment: 100% sports action, 100% music
    Clio by Rip Curl is tailored to meet the pastimes and interests of active young drivers:

  • 100% action: specific equipment includes a rubber front floor mat incorporating the Rip Curl logo and a compartmented stowage box in the boot. Both are easy to clean and fear neither sand nor snow. The stowage box is ideal for carrying surfboarding or winter sports gear.
  • 100% music: the Audio Connection Box is located in the glove box and enables all types of iPod/mp3 players to be plugged into the car's audio system via a USB socket or 3.5mm jack. The easy-to-use steeringwheel-mounted fingertip remote controls enable the driver to scroll effortlessly through his or her own mp3 music library on the move.

    Respect for the environment
    This partnership includes Renault's participation in the Rip Curl Planet Foundation which is run in association with the WWF. Renault's commitment alongside Rip Curl concerns:

  • the protection of natural habitats associated with winter and water sports (mountain areas, coastal regions),
  • environmental education and awareness programmes,
  • eco design-led research and development work on surfing products (surfboards, wetsuits, clothing). All the engines available for Clio by Rip Curl are environmentally friendly and all versions comply with the three criteria required for the Renault eco² appellation:
  • Either their CO2 emissions are less than 140g/km (1.2 16V, TCE 100hp, 1.5 dCi 70hp, 85hp and 105hp) or they are biofuel compatible (1.2 16V Ethanol), depending on country. In France, the diesel engines are eligible for the 'eco-bonus', while none of the petrol engines qualifies for the 'eco-surcharge'.
  • All versions are produced in one of three ISO 14001-certified factories: Flins (France), Valladolid (Spain) or Bursa (Turkey). ISO 14001-certification is awarded to industrial sites which make ongoing reductions in water and energy consumption, visual and noise nuisances, and air and wastewater discharges.
  • All versions are 95 per cent end-of-life recoverable and at least five per cent of the plastics they contain are sourced from recycling. Powered by the 1.5 dCi 85hp engine, Clio by Rip Curl emits just 117g of CO2 per km for combined cycle fuel consumption of just 4.4 litres/100km. The 1.5 dCi 70hp and 85hp engines both qualify for the €700 'eco bonus' in operation in France.

    An E85 bioethanol engine
    Clio by Rip Curl marks a new step in addressing environmental concerns with the inauguration of the Clio III range's first E85 bioethanol engine. Modifications have been made to ensure that this 1.2 16V powerplant, which is derived from an existing block in the range, adapts automatically to this type of fuel. Notable areas of change include the fuel tank, injection system and combustion chambers.

    A lasting partnership
    Last year's introduction of the first Clio by Rip Curl limited edition marked the start of a multi-year partnership which heralded a fresh way of working for the two parties, in terms of both their products and communication. The move stood out as a demanding, but particularly rewarding challenge:

  • Renault puts its automotive know-how, all-round excellence and industrial power at the disposal of a rising brand and its legions of young fans who love winter and water sports, music and nature.
  • Rip Curl brings Renault its slightly off-the-wall creativity and taste for innovation. This leading surf brand is renowned for its technical prowess and has become a benchmark of authenticity in the worlds of water and winter sports. The 'Renault Clio by Rip Curl' signature is a simple statement of the two dynamic brands' reciprocal commitment and the new limited edition is a chance for drivers to surf a wave of sheer pleasure!

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