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Lamborghini Turns 45 - To Celebrate, Will They Unveil a Murcilelago SV?

October 28th, 2008
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This coming Thursday, 30th October 2008, commemorates 45 years since the first Lamborghini sports car. Does Lamborghini have a Limited Edition planned?

To celebrate Lamborghini's birthday PressPortal will drive their very first Lamborghini… stay tuned.

Most of us know the interesting story of how Ferruccio Lamborghini started building sportscars, but for those that don’t here’s a snap shot.

Ferruccio Lamborghini was a mechanical engineer by trade and worked for the Italian army during World War II.  Upon his return to Italy Ferruccio started his own business manufacturing tractors and other farming equipment in a small town Sant’Agata Bolognese.

To reward his success of building tractors Ferruccio decided to purchase a sportscar so he visited a little sportscar manufacturer up the road operated by a guy named Enzo Ferrari. Ferruccio soon took ownership of a Ferrari 250 GT, and like most high-end sportscars the 250 GT reportedly gave him a lot of grief. To cut a long story short, Ferruccio wasn’t happy with neither the quality nor the transmission of the 250 GT and also felt that Enzo was condescending towards the tractor builder.

As a result Ferruccio decided to build his own sportscars and unveiled the 350GTV at the Turin (Italian) motor show on the 30th October 1963.  Of note is that the engine wasn’t ready in time so Ferruccio used bricks to weigh the front of the car down and coincidently the bonnet wasn’t opened during the show. The Lamborghini 350GTV was not a sales success with only one example being built, however to follow was the successful 350GT. Soon after Ferruccio’s tractor manufacturing facility transformed into a sportscar production line and the rest is history.

Could Lamborghini be unveiling the rumoured SV version of the Murcilelago on Thursday to commemorate 45 years of sportscar manufacturing? Or due to the current economic climate will Stephan Winklemann just be cutting a cake and blowing out some candles?

Lamborghini has released SV variants of models before, the Muira and of course the Diablo. SV stands for Sport Veloce and for the Diablo SV modifications included an increase in horsepower to 530, small cosmetic bodywork changes, bigger brakes, new rims and SV stripes running down the side of the sportscar.

Lamborghini Diablo SV

Since 1963 Lamborghini has crafted some of the world’s most memorable sportscars:

1963 350GTV
1964 350GT
1966 400GT
1966 Miura
1968 Espada
1968 Islero
1970 Jarama
1970 Urraco
1974 Countach
1976 Silhouette
1982 Jalpa
1986 LM002 (4x4 beast)
1990 Diablo
2001 Murcielago
2003 Gallardo
2008 Reventon
2008 Estoque (Concept)

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