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Locusts to help Volvo

September 24th, 2008

To most of us the Swedish car brands have always been renowned for making the safest cars in the world.  To stay ahead of the competition they seem to have employed the services of the humble locust to help with research of a new collision avoidance safety system.

“Imagine you are a locust in a swarm of locusts flying over a field trying to find food.  There is almost chaos in the swarm but no traffic rules.  Still the individual locusts are able to avoid collusions.  They are really masters of collision avoidance and we are trying to find out how they can do this.  They have a very small brain but it consumes almost no power.  But they are still able to avoid collusions and we want to understand why” says Jonas Ekmark, Head of Preventative Safety at Volvo Cars.

Volvo’s goal is to transfer the locust’s distinctive abilities onto a computer chip and install this into the cars safety system, improving on today’s standards.

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