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Bosch Parking Assistant - Stress-Free Parking - (Global)

September 17th, 2008

In the face of increasing traffic congestion, less parking spaces available, and rising demands for driving convenience, the Bosch parking assistant makes day-to-day driving much easier, by taking the stress out of parking.

This new Bosch system uses ultrasonic sensors to precisely measure parking spaces, and then moves the car into a space without drivers having to steer the vehicle themselves. As fast as parking with an experienced driver, the Bosch parking assistant is now available for the first time in the latest Mercedes-Benz A and B class.

For tight spaces too
The new Bosch parking assistant uses electric power steering, a parking aid, and an additional ultrasonic sensor on each side of the front fender. These two ultrasonic sensors measure a potential parking space as the car drives by, and can register the measurements at speeds of up to 35 kilometers an hour.   Even in small spaces, the system can determine if there is enough room for your car, by measuring the distance between the parking space and other parked vehicles, allowing for space of between 30cm and 180cm.  A space that is 80cm longer than the vehicle itself is enough for a configuration to be set, and parks your car in multiple moves.

Obstacles that may be in the parking space as well as curbs can be detected, and the system can also work in the dark and/or where there is no curb.

Working with the driver
If the parking space is large enough, the system lets the driver know via a light, sound or spoken signal, depending on the make and model of the vehicle.  If the driver chooses to switch to automatic parking mode, the system takes just a fraction of a second to analyze the data and calculate the optimum path into the space, the necessary steering movements, and the number of parking moves needed.

The driver takes both hands off the steering wheel and needs only to apply the accelerator and brake – the steering wheel moves automatically. The electronic system controls the power steering and thus the steering movements necessary for parking. This functions automatically even if parking needs to be performed in several moves.

The Bosch parking assistant gives drivers greater convenience and an added feeling of safety. Unsuccessful and nerve-racking parking attempts are a thing of the past –without any risk.  Should an unforeseeable event occur at any time during the automatic manoeuvre, the driver can manually switch off the system simply by grasping the steering wheel.

Versions of the parking assistant
Bosch launched a parking space measurement system in the Citroen C4 Picasso in 2006, and will be offering a new version of the parking assistant for cars with hydraulic power steering later this year. In this model, the driver steers him/herself and is guided with simple instructions on the correct steering movement and the appropriate braking and manieuvring points.

Looking further into the future, Bosch engineers are already working on technical solutions that will enable automatic parking without any action at all by the driver.

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