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CGI: New 2013 Audi R3 - (Global)

September 2nd, 2008
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Speculations say that the Audi TT loved by many, will come to the end of its lifecycle. In place of this is rumoured to be the Audi R3 which has had an artist impression of what the future model may look like by digimods.e-visionit.co.uk

The R3 is said to be designed alongside Volkswagen which is due for a conceptual preview at the LA Auto Show in November this year. The R3 will most likely be powered by a range of 4-cylinder engines in order to stay out of the Porche Boxster territory and ensure a unique target market.

If this is the case, expect similar performance as per the current 4-cylinder range Audi offers, which includes a 125bhp 2.0L TDI all the way to a 280bhp 2.0L TFSI engine.

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