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All New FG Falcon Ute - (Australia)

May 9th, 2008

Ford Australia today released full specifications on the all-new FG Falcon Ute range, showcasing all-new exterior and interior designs, an all-new front suspension, new powertrains with more power and torque, and a host of unique Ute features.

Due to go on sale in June, following the release of the all-new FG Falcon sedan, the all-new FG Falcon Ute range introduces a new model line-up and nomenclature – just like its sedan counterpart – incorporating the new Falcon R6 models.

"The all-new FG Falcon represents another step forward for automotive vehicle design in Australia," Ford Australia President Bill Osborne said.

"The FG Falcon Ute range offers no compromise performance and functionality, with the ideal mix of truck-like capability and car-like comfort, driveability and safety.

"Each model in the new Falcon Ute range represents a unique mix of workhorse and recreational elements, which ensures the job gets done during the workday week, as well as on weekends when its time to getaway.

"It is an exceptional passenger-derived ute package that delivers outstanding performance, fuel efficiency, refinement and safety to meet the needs of a wide variety of customers."

The all-new Falcon Ute is an integral part of the extensive engineering and development program that has produced the broader FG Falcon range, incorporating sedan and Ford Performance Vehicles line-ups.

The FG Falcon Ute range features all of the major key developments of the FG Falcon program, as per the FG Falcon sedan, including:

  • All-new exterior design – kinetic design influences & greater series differentiation
  • All-new interior design – spacious, driver-oriented cockpit, user-friendly technology, and stylish new environments with new fabrics and finishes

New engines:

    • 4.0-litre I6 – 195 kW of power and 391 Nm of torque
    • 4.0-litre I6 Turbo – 270 kW of power and 533 Nm of torque
    • 5.4-litre Boss V8 – 290 kW of power and 520 Nm of torque
  • New transmissions:
    • Six speed manual – Tremec TR6060
    • Five-speed automatic with Sequential Sports Shift (SSS) – 5R55S
  • All-new, lightweight Virtual Pivot Control Link front suspension
  • All-new forward mounted, Y-shaped steering rack with variable ratio steering gear
  • Monotube shock absorbers (front) on all Ute variants
  • Monotube shock absorbers (rear) on Falcon R6 SSB, and XR SSB and C/C Utes in conjunction with sports suspension
  • World-class body structure and comprehensive list of active & passive safety features
  • Traction Control standard on all XR Utes & available across the rest of the petrol Falcon Ute range
  • Vehicle refinement advancements:
    • Enhancing desired engine and exhaust sounds
    • Reducing driveline, wind and road noise
    • Improvements in reduction and control of noise, vibration & harshness (NVH)
  • Four new tyres for FG Falcon Ute – one specially developed for R6 Ute models
  • New alloy wheel designs
  • First Australian-manufactured application of a self adjusting park brake (except column auto models with a seat-mounted park brake)
  • iPod Integration and Bluetooth mobile phone integration – a fully integrated interface with the vehicle's audio system

Unique Ute features

A host of new features have been introduced as part of the FG Falcon Ute program, delivering clever and functional design elements to improve the overall day-to-day useability of Ute models in a number of key areas.

Styleside Box (SSB)

The Falcon Ute Styleside Box has been redesigned and reshaped for FG Falcon, reducing the gap between the rear of the cab and the front of the box, and mirroring the contour of the corners of the cab for a more seamless appearance.

The top lip of the box has also been redesigned, with black aluminium rails running along its top edge. The new rails are powder coated for increased durability and provide the fastening points for the new, flush fit soft tonneau cover and tie down anchor points.

Flush fit soft tonneau cover

A new flush fit soft tonneau cover is a key element that distinguishes the FG Falcon Ute Styleside Box models from their predecessors.

Optional on Falcon Ute and standard on all other Styleside Box models, the new tonneau securely fastens to the aluminium top rails that join the bedliner and exterior sheet metal.
When fitted, the soft tonneau cover attaches to grooves on the outer side of the aluminium rails.

The tonneau can be peeled up from any side and easily snaps back down into the groove like a snap lock plastic bag, improving access to the load bed and making it physically easier and quicker to open and close the tonneau.

In addition to being much easier to use, the new tonneau also delivers a sleeker and more integrated look – the visible fasteners, or 'cotton reels', used to secure the soft tonneau cover previously have been removed, producing a cleaner side profile for the FG Falcon Ute.

The body coloured plugs used in conjunction with previous hard tonneau covers are also no longer required.

The new flush fit soft tonneau has been designed to improve its ability to cover high loads, while remaining tied down and secure.

It features elasticised clips on the inside of the cover, which can be pulled down and hooked onto the aluminium side rails to allow the tonneau to sit in a higher position than its normal fitment point, thereby creating a higher load space.

The elasticised clips ensure that the tonneau is free to stretch across the load but still hold it firmly in place.

Adjustable load tie downs

On the inside of the new aluminium rails is an open C-shaped section into which adjustable load tie down hooks can be fitted.

The new tie down hooks can be repositioned at convenient points along the side rail, or removed entirely, and extra tie down hooks can be fitted if required.

The hooks provide a more user friendly approach to securing odd shaped loads, as well as increasing the overall functionality of the load space.

Cab Chassis configuration

The FG Falcon Ute delivers added practicality with the ability to fit a configurable tray – a feature that cannot be matched by its passenger-derived ute competitor.

Falcon Ute, R6 and XR6 models are all available with the choice of either a Styleside Box or Cab Chassis configuration.

Benefits of a Cab Chassis design include:

  • Option to install your own personally configurable tray
  • Completely flat load floor
  • Change or update your tray
  • A load tray that can be configured with drop-sides
  • A tough, hard-wearing aluminium tray that doesn't mind being scuffed or knocked

Column shift auto

The 5R55S five-speed automatic transmission is also available as a column shift automatic on certain FG Falcon Ute models, replacing the four-speed column shift automatic used previously on BF Falcon MkII.

The column shift transmission allows the Falcon Ute to be offered with a three-seater configuration, with the extra seat replacing the centre console in the middle of the cabin.

Fixed centre seat

The fixed centre seat is fitted to all vehicles specified with the column shift automatic transmission, providing a seating position for a third passenger, including a new head restraint.

The centre seat has been repositioned on FG Falcon Ute, moving 100mm rearward and 20mm higher for improved comfort and greater knee clearance around the instrument panel.

When not in use, the centre seat backrest can be folded down to provide a centre armrest for driver and passenger, with two cupholders set into the rear of the backrest.

At the same time, to improve rear visibility, the new centre seat headrest can be removed, rotated and stowed upside down when not in use.

Jack & tool package

The FG Falcon Ute jack and tool package is located on the cabin floor, behind the passenger seat, in a custom mount – it is housed in a foam retainer, which is firmly attached to the cabin via a bolt and styled knob arrangement.

The new package supersedes the 'jack in a bag' previously fitted to Falcon Ute models, thereby removing the jack from general storage space for a neater overall design, with the package now designated to a fixed position.

Hotchkiss rear suspension

All FG Falcon Utes are fitted with a revised Hotchkiss rear suspension, which is a leaf spring-type suspension ideally suited to carrying heavy loads.

Its simple, rugged construction enables the vehicle's load to be spread over more of the chassis than is possible with a coil spring-type rear suspension, which transfers the load to a single point on either side of the vehicle.

The leaf spring design enables load-induced stress on the suspension and chassis to be more evenly distributed, as well as better managed and controlled.

Stiffened three-pin, leaf spring shackles, which control the position of the spring, are a key feature of the revised rear suspension, to deliver improved steering precision and handling balance.

Monotube shock absorbers

All Falcon Utes are also fitted with monotube shock absorbers on the front suspension, further enhancing the dynamics capability of the FG Falcon Ute through better body control and handling.

Falcon R6 and Falcon XR Ute models with sports suspension are also fitted with monotube shock absorbers on the rear suspension, which improve the dynamics profile of each model across the areas of ride, steering and handling.

The standard Falcon Ute ¾-tonne Styleside Box model and Falcon Ute, Falcon R6 Cab Chassis and R6 Styleside Box models with optional one-tonne suspension, all employ twin-tube shock absorbers on the rear suspension.

One-tonne suspension

Certain Falcon Ute models – Falcon Ute and R6 Cab Chassis – are fitted with one-tonne suspension as standard equipment, while it is available as an option on other models in the FG Falcon Ute range – Falcon Ute and R6 Styleside Box, as well as XR6 Cab Chassis.

This tough suspension set-up provides a vehicle payload of more than 1000 kg, with some of the Cab Chassis models providing a maximum payload of 1240 kg.

Big payloads

The new FG Falcon Ute range maintains its competitive advantage by offering large maximum payload capacities on a number of key models, while still delivering car-like comfort, performance and handling, inside and out.

The Falcon Ute Cab Chassis model, along with the XR6 Cab Chassis when fitted with the optional one-tonne suspension, can both take a 1240 kg payload and have a maximum Gross Combined Mass (GCM) rating of 4890 kg

Towing capacity

When an automatic transmission is optioned, all vehicles in the new FG Falcon Ute range, including the XR6 Turbo model, have a class-leading, maximum braked towing capacity of up to 2300 kg, when fitted with a genuine Ford heavy duty towpack and load levelling kit.

Combined with an unmatched range of high-torque engines – a 4.0-litre I6 in naturally aspirated, dedicated LPG or turbocharged configuration, along with the Boss 290 V8 – the new FG Falcon Ute range is the ideal tow vehicle, whether it is for work or a weekend away.

The standard towpack is rated for a carrying capacity of up to 1600 kg, while manual transmission models have a maximum towing capacity of up to 1200 kg.


A range of new tyres was developed especially for the FG Falcon range, bringing improvements in road noise, wet grip, dry grip and handling, steering compliance, ride, rolling resistance and steering linearity.

New tyres for the FG Falcon Ute include:

  • Dunlop SP Sport 01A (225/55 R16) for use on Falcon R6 Ute – with the same tread pattern as the XR6 tyres, this tyre offers improvements in ride, steering and handling to accompany the sporty nature of the all-new R6 model.
  • Dunlop SP Sport 01A (245/45 R17) for XR Utes – this tyre has been specifically developed for the XR Ute range, along with the XR6 sedan, and offers excellent grip and handling characteristics while maintaining a high level of comfort and NVH.
  • Dunlop SP Sport Maxx (245/45 R17) on XR6 Turbo and XR8 Utes – this tyre has been specially developed with XR customers in mind utilising Dunlop's ultimate ultra-high performance Sport Maxx tyre, which offers a high level of ride, steering and handling along with accompanying improvements in NVH.
  • Dunlop SP Sport Maxx (245/35 R19) for the optional XR Luxury Pack – this tyre is available in conjunction with the optional 19-inch alloy wheel on all XR Ute models in the FG Falcon Ute range.

Technology and safety

Satellite Navigation System

A satellite navigation system is available on Falcon Ute for the first time with the introduction of FG Falcon Ute. The system is as per FG Falcon sedan – a new SD card-based navigation system in lieu of the DVD based system used in prior models.

The new system is smaller, lighter, faster, and easier to use, with improved map software and new functionality that includes:

  • All-new display and menu
  • New "shut-down-delay" mode – the system does not need to recalculate guidance after a short stop/key off scenario (e.g. refuelling at petrol station)
  • The ability to display critical journey information in the home screen – such as arrival time and distance to destination
  • New V14 Sensis map data
  • New 2D/2.5D perspective view map mode, for easy recognition and understanding
  • Infrared remote control

iPod Integration

In addition to the introduction of satellite navigation on Falcon Ute, iPod Integration and Bluetooth mobile phone integration are also available across the FG Falcon Ute range.

In conjunction with the new audio systems developed for FG Falcon, a new iPod Integration feature enables Falcon Ute customers to fully integrate an iPod to the vehicle.

iPod Integration is a fully integrated interface between the customer's iPod unit and the audio system, allowing the iPod to be controlled via the existing controls on the Interior Command Centre (ICC) and steering wheel.

Conveniently and securely packaged in a custom pouch located in the centre console storage bin, the iPod unit is also charged by the vehicle interface once connected, whether it is in operation or turned off, which ensures it is available on demand.

iPod Integration supports a range of iPod models, providing they are equipped with a 30 pin connection.

Available on all Falcon Ute models as part of an optional Technology Pack, which also includes the Bluetooth mobile phone integration module, this next generation technology sets the Falcon Ute apart from its competitor.

Bluetooth® mobile phone module

The Bluetooth module allows eight mobile phones to be paired with the system for the purpose of 'hands-free' in-vehicle communication – with an inbuilt microphone in the overhead console, the user does not need to touch the handset to interact with the phone.

A multi-function phone button on the steering wheel allows the user to make outgoing calls and accept or reject incoming calls. It also acts as a mute button to allow the user to mute the microphone during a call.

A short press of the phone button, when not in a call, provides a shortcut to the most recently dialled number.

The voice tags feature allows users to dial any number in their phone book – providing voice tags have been set-up on the phone – without needing to pick up their mobile phone, while a "Change Connected Phone" function in the phone menu allows the user to easily change between paired phones.

Users are notified of an incoming call via their ring tone through the audio system speakers, as well as via a message prompt on the MFD.

Intelligent Safety System

The FG Falcon Ute incorporates the next stage of Ford's Intelligent Safety System – a combination of latest generation safety devices and electronic management tools that combine state-of-the-art restraint systems with intelligent monitoring of crash severity and occupant positioning.

"Highly technical door pressure sensors and dual upfront sensors provide earlier detection of potential crash incidents than ever before," said Ford Australia's Chief Engineer of Virtual Engineering Adam Frost.

"No other Australian-built vehicle incorporates advanced crash sensors such as those on the new Falcon. Detection of crash situations is instantaneous, as the sensors literally hear the event occurring through pressure waves – before the panels have even started to deform.

"Importantly however, they also provide enhanced discrimination between different types of events to determine the level of response required. Appropriate safety responses for each individual situation are then activated according to incident severity, positioning of occupants and seat belt usage."

With most crash events occurring in less than 100 milliseconds, the ability to rapidly differentiate between types of events is extremely important.

In order to ensure appropriate response levels, 'abuse' testing is conducted on the vehicle to calibrate the sensors not to activate airbags and other safety measures in the case of non-crash related incidents such as shopping trolleys running into the doors.


The FG Falcon Ute features a dual stage driver airbag and front passenger airbag as standard equipment across the range, with new vent sizes, folding patterns, inflators and increased volume providing enhanced injury protection while also meeting all of Ford's rigorous safety requirements.

Head/thorax protecting side airbags are also available on every Falcon Ute model, for the first time, with the introduction of the new FG range.

Driver fatigue warning

After continuous periods of driving, a fatigue warning sounds to remind the driver to rest. The fatigue warning is generally set at two hours but can be modified according to driver preferences.

Follow me home lighting

The front headlamps of the all-new FG Falcon Ute temporarily remain on once the vehicle is locked to provide lighting to guide occupants into their dwellings or other locations.

The lighting feature provides additional security and peace-of-mind for drivers and passengers.

New model line-up

Available in both Cab Chassis and Styleside Box configurations, with a range of models spanning from basic tool of trade through to sports performance, the all-new FG Falcon Ute is tough enough to get the job done, while providing car-like benefits other light commercial vehicles cannot match.

All FG Falcon Utes will have ABS with EBD as standard, while Traction Control is standard on XR Utes and optional on the rest of the petrol-engine models in the Falcon Ute line-up.







Falcon Ute

I6 Petrol 6MT (std)
I6 Petrol 5AT (opt)
I6 E-Gas 4AT (opt)

Cab Chassis
Styleside Box



I6 Petrol 6MT (std)
I6 Petrol 5AT (opt)
I6 E-Gas 4AT (opt)

Cab Chassis
Styleside Box




I6 Petrol 6MT (std)
I6 Petrol 5AT (opt)
I6 E-Gas 4AT (opt)

Cab Chassis
Styleside Box

XR6 Turbo

I6 Turbo 6MT (std)
I6 Turbo 6AT (opt)

Styleside Box


V8 Petrol 6MT (std)
V8 Petrol 6AT (opt)

Styleside Box

Falcon Ute

The entry level model, Falcon Ute is available in either Cab Chassis or Styleside Box bodystyles with a choice of engines and transmissions.

Standard powertrain specification is the I6 petrol engine, producing 195kW of power and 391Nm of torque, matched to a new six-speed manual transmission, while the new five-speed automatic transmission with Sequential Sports Shift (SSS) is available as an option.

Also optional is the E-Gas dedicated LPG engine, which is matched with the proven four-speed automatic transmission with SSS.

Other features include cloth trim, a single CD audio system with a new, larger Interior Command Centre (ICC) LCD screen, cruise control, four-way power driver's seat, power mirrors and windows, and steering wheel mounted controls for the audio and cruise control systems.

Safety items include driver and passenger airbags, driver Beltminder® system and ABS with EBD, while side head/thorax airbags are available as part of an optional Safety Pack that also includes a perimeter alarm system.

Falcon R6 Ute

The new R6 model introduces an all-new model name to the FG Falcon Ute range, with a host of key sports features that deliver an altogether sportier look, feel and drive, as well as close links to the overt sports XR line-up.

With sports suspension, front fog lamps, 16-inch alloy wheels, XR rockers and rear bumper, and a new, flush-fitting tonneau cover, the new R6 Styleside Box model offers a fresh combination of sports ute dynamism with renowned workhorse capabilities.

On the inside, the R6 features sports bucket seats with unique seat trim, passenger seat lumbar adjustment and a leather-wrapped steering wheel.

The R6 Cab Chassis model is fitted with one-tonne suspension as standard equipment.

Falcon XR6 Ute

The FG Falcon XR Ute range continues to build on the powerful and distinctive design cues that have contributed to the cult status enjoyed by XR vehicles.

The XR6 Ute builds on the specification and equipment of the new R6 model while still offering a wide choice of bodystyles – Cab Chassis and Styleside Box – and powertrains – I6 petrol with six-speed manual or five-speed automatic transmissions, or I6 E-Gas with four-speed automatic transmission.

The exterior is differentiated by the signature XR double-drop lens headlight treatment, XR front bumper and grille, front fog lamps and unique 17-inch alloy wheels, while Traction Control (TCS) adds to the list of standard equipment.

Inside, the XR6 features a sports instrument cluster, sports seats, alloy pedal covers and an aluminium gear shifter on manual transmission models, along with automatic climate control and a sports leather steering wheel.

Falcon XR6 Turbo Ute

In recognition of its overt sports status, the XR6 Turbo Ute will – for the first time – be specified to the same level as the XR8, with the engines being the main difference between the two models.

The FG Falcon XR6 Turbo Ute builds on the equipment levels of the XR6 with a range of performance features, including a 270 kW & 533 Nm I6 Turbo engine, limited slip differential, upgraded front brakes and a new, larger 290mm diameter single plate, self-adjusting type clutch.

A dual round exhaust outlet with chrome tips completes the picture for the XR6 Turbo Ute, while the world-class ZF six-speed automatic transmission is available as an option.

Falcon XR8 Ute

The XR8 shares its major equipment specifications with the XR6 Turbo, but is differentiated by its signature bonnet power bulge and the exciting Boss 290 5.4-litre four-valve V8 engine, which moves to the XR8 with the introduction of the FG Falcon.

Optional Packs

Technology Pack (available on all FG Falcon Ute models, excluding column shift auto)

  • iPod Integration
  • Bluetooth mobile phone integration

Safety Enhancement Pack (available on all FG Falcon Ute models)

  • Side head/thorax airbags
  • Perimeter alarm

XR Sports Pack (available on all XR Ute models)

  • iPod Integration
  • Bluetooth mobile phone integration
  • 18-inch XR alloy wheels with 245/40 R18 tyres

XR Luxury Pack (available on all XR Ute Styleside Box models)

  • Leather trim sports seats
  • Dual zone climate control
  • Premium audio system with 7-inch colour ICC screen, 6-disc in-dash CD, 8-speakers
  • Premium sports interior appearance
  • 19-inch XR Styling alloy wheels with 245/35 R19 tyres

The Bluetooth® word mark and logos are registered trademarks owned by Bluetooth SIG, Inc. used by Ford Motor Company under license.

iPod is a trademark of Apple Inc.

Ute – Package

Like its sedan counterpart, the FG Falcon Ute delivers a class-leading interior accommodation package, with more room than its competitor across key dimensions.





FG (C/C^)


Exterior dimensions (mm)






Overall length


+ 10



+ 34

Overall width


+ 63






+ 9



+ 9

Front track


+ 30



+ 30

Rear track


+ 37



+ 37







Turning circle (m)


















Interior dimensions (mm)






Head room


+ 13



+ 13

Shoulder room


+ 10



+ 10

Hip room


+ 25



+ 25

Leg room


- 13



- 13







Luggage capacity (litres)






Behind seat







* Best in class
^ Dimensions based on entry-level Falcon Ute models
¹ Industry standard SAE 95th percentile leg accommodation

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