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New Kia Sportage - Ready For Action - (Australia)

August 28th, 2007

- Three variants
- New diesel and petrol engines
- Lower running costs and lower emissions
- Off-road heritage


The new Kia Sportage range launched today continues Kia Motors Australia's revamped SUV strategy of more choice in engines and equipment than ever before, while still delivering quality, safety and value in SUVs that have always appealed to Australian buyers.

'Sportage has an impressive heritage in the Kia range with more than 1.5 million units sold around the world since the nameplate was first launched in 1992," said Bill Gillespie, Director of Sales and Marketing at Kia Motors Australia."In Australia, nearly 16,000 units have been sold since the nameplate was launched here in 1997.

'The Sportage heritage has always focussed on space and functionality with an individual and aggressive 'off-road' style and 4WD capability delivered better than its competitors in the compact SUV segment. Sportage has always been a vehicle with an adventurous heart that's ready for action.

'Until now, we have only been able to offer the current Sportage EX with V6 power, four-speed tiptronic-style automatic transmission and electronic 4WD system.

'From today, the range has been extended to also encompass an entry-level front-wheel drive LX model powered by a 2.0-litre four-cylinder petrol engine and a new 2.0-litre EX CRDi 4WD with common rail direct injection and the latest exhaust particulate filtering diesel technology," said Mr Gillespie.

The new three-model Sportage range continues to offer the space and functionality that compact SUV buyers seek but with three engine choices, optional equipment packs, and a new, lower entry price starting with the 2WD LX manual at $24,990.

The 2WD LX model, available with either five-speed manual or four-speed automatic transmission, has been introduced in response to demands from potential Sportage buyers who like the vehicle's space, functionality and ease of access but don't need off-road capability or high power or torque.

'Many of these potential buyers are younger urban-dwelling families looking for a functional wagon that delivers the benefits of an SUV - higher seating position, a functional interior and more aggressive styling - without the drawbacks of higher purchase price and higher running costs," according to Mr Gillespie.

'The other market for the 2WD Sportage LX is the older buyer for whom ease of access and clear visibility are strong plus-points and - given they are paying for their own fuel - lower running costs are an important concern."

Demand continues to grow for diesel-engined variants across all SUV segments, and has now extended to the compact SUV segment.

'The compact SUV market continues to grow and we think it important that, with the release of the Sportage EX CRDi, Kia is extending to the compact SUV segment its reputation as a provider of innovative and environmentally-friendly technology," Mr Gillespie continued.

'Like the EX V6 model, the EX CRDi offers Kia's electronic 4WD system, efficiently and effectively delivering torque to the rear wheels when the system detects slippage in the front wheels.

'The CRDi engine features a variable geometry turbocharger for better power and torque across a wider rev range, enhancing driveability and economy, as well as an exhaust particulate filter to deliver 'cleaner' exhaust emissions.

'The new Sportage EX CRDi offers the win-win-win of diesel engine technology - high torque, great economy and low emissions - to create a unique position in the compact SUV segment."

The range starts with the front-wheel drive Sportage LX model with a 2.0-litre petrol four-cylinder engine delivering 104kW, 16" alloy wheels, ABS brakes, power windows and mirrors and manual air-conditioning all standard. A five-speed manual or optional four-speed tiptronic style automatic transmission is available.

Next up the range is the Sportage EX V6 with a 129kW V6, standard four-speed tiptronic style automatic transmission, larger tyres on different 16" alloys, additional body styling and the other features from the LX model.

Top of the range is the Sportage EX CRDI which offers the new 2.0-litre common rail direct injection diesel delivering 103kW, offering all the features of the EX V6 model but with the addition of Electronic Stability Program (ESP) for added safety and traction in all driving conditions and a trip computer. The EX CRDi model is only available with a six-speed manual transmission.

In keeping with Kia's reputation for delivering quality and safety with strong value across its model line-up, each model in the Sportage range is also available with new extra-cost option packs.

The 2WD LX model can be ordered with an Option pack that adds Electronic Stability Program (ESP) and side and curtain airbags for an extra $1,600.

Both the EX V6 and CRDi models are also available as a Limited model with side and curtain airbags, leather interior trim and sunroof. The EX CRDi Limited costs $3,000 over the base model, while the EX V6 Limited also adds Electronic Stability Program (ESP) to the Limited pack for an additional $4,000 over the base EX V6.

'With three new engines, 2WD or 4WD, extra-cost option packs, and the style, space and functionality for which Sportage is noted, the new Sportage range is ready for action with a model for everyone," Mr Gillespie concluded.

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