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Ferrari Goes Green!

January 15th, 2008

Ferrari has revealed a concept car that can run on E85 fuel, made from 85 per cent bio-renewable ethanol, which not only cuts CO2 emissions, but also boosts power and torque, to make the Ferrari F430 BioFuel clean, green and even faster!

The new car, revealed at the Detroit International Motor Show this week (14 January 2008) is a result of Ferrari’s programme to cut fuel consumption and emissions of its cars by 40 per cent by 2012, which has also seen significant developments in aerodynamics and weight savings. At the same time, Ferrari has also committed itself to not just maintain its performance edge, but continue to enhance the unique performance offered by every Ferrari.

The Ferrari F430 Spider Biofuel, which can truly be called a FlexFuel car, is a direct result of technology developed by Ferrari to meet new regulations in Formula One that call for the use of BioFuels. In Formula One the level is 5.75 per cent, while the FIA GT and American Le Mans series (ALMS), both of which are dominated by the F430 GT2 in 2007, targets a 10 per cent ethanol blend. Furthermore, the A1 GP Championship, which uses Ferrari engines from this season, also requires a 10 per cent blend.

Therefore, once again, the race track has proved an excellent testing ground for innovative solutions which, if successful, can then be passed on to production cars. Such is the efficiency of the transfer of track technology to road cars at Maranello that all of Ferrari's cars can already use up to 10 per cent ethanol (E10) without any modification whatsoever.

The Ferrari F430 Spider BioFuel proves that Ferrari can produce the technological solutions that provide the environmental outcome, with impinging on the performance, character or supreme driving pleasure of the unique cars it builds at Maranello.

In the case of the F430 Spider Biofuel, modifications were made to the fuel feed system and most importantly to the engine central processing unit (CPU) to allow the engine use E85. The new CPU enables the F430 Spider BioFuel to run on anything between pure petrol to an 85 per cent blend with ethanol without changing the compression ratio, making this a true FlexFuel vehicle.

All of the other technical characteristics have remained unchanged with respect to a standard production engine, however. The use of this type of biofuel and the modifications made have resulted in a significant increase in maximum power output, boosting power by 10 bhp along with a 4 per cent increase in torque yet overall weight was unchanged. The advantages to the environment translate too into a 5 per cent drop in CO2 emissions.

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