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2009 Ferrari F430 Replacement - (Global)

October 27th, 2008
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Ferrari is currently working on the replacement to the F430, with a possible unveiling on the 15th September 2009; the opening media day of the 63rd International Frankfurt Motor Show.

The new mid-engine V8 Ferrari is rumoured to feature a new aluminium chassis, a direct-injection engine derived from the California and a modified version of its 7-speed dual-clutch transmission.

The new Ferrari has big shoes to fill as when the F430 was launched in 2004 it was praised as being a big improvement over the outgoing F360.

Ferrari’s mid-engine V8 models have had predictable 5 year life cycles, or 10 year life cycles if you consider that Ferrari releases an all-new V8 model, followed by a major update.  The 348 launched in 1989 with a 3.4L V8, was followed by the F355 in 1994 with an increase to 3.5L, in 1999 came the F360 with a 3.6L and the F430 arrived in 2004 with a significantly bigger 4.3L V8 and a still impressive 360kW.

Of late Ferrari has hinted at the engineering direction they are planning going forward.  Last years Milllechili (as in 1,000kg) concept car, which was a design study of a successor to the Enzo, significantly reduced weight instead of adding power.

The current F430 hits the scales at 1450kg, whilst the seriously fast F430 Scuderia looses 100kg over the ‘standard’ car.  It would be truly impressive if the new car weighted in at around 1350kg yet still comes with the same amount of equipment as an F430.

As for the name of Ferrari’s upcoming new mid engine V8 model, we haven’t heard anything.  But considering the F430 has a 4.3L engine, F360 – 3.6L, F355 – 3.5L… well their seems to be a bit of a link there.

The replacement will more than likely receive the California's powerplant with some modifications. Will this tweaked engine prove to be a 4.6L to carry the F460 nameplate?

2009 Ferrari California First Drive - (Global)

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