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The XKR Marketplace and Summary - (Global)

February 16th, 2007


Like the XK, the new XKR competes within the Large Premium Sport (LPS) sector. In 1999 this sector accounted for just under 50,000 sales per year worldwide. Since that time it has doubled in size.

The XKR will appeal to a select group of affluent customers, who have an affinity with luxury products. They are looking for a GT as well as a car with pure sporting credentials; one that provides exhilaration and escapism combined with status and exclusivity - 'luxury in a sports skin' is one way to describe it.

The new XKR, like all Jaguars, offers excellent value for money - especially in the LPS sector. With prices starting from £67,495, the supercharged XKR ensures customers will enjoy a considerable increase in performance over the normally aspirated XK for a relatively small price premium. They will also benefit from significant advantages over rivals - the Mercedes-Benz SL500, for example, is heavier and slower to accelerate than the XKR, despite costing more. And the combination of an advanced lightweight body structure, powerful engine and true sports car agility also gives the XKR capabilities close to much more expensive out-and-out performance models.


When the new XK was unveiled in 2005 it pushed back the boundaries of GT sports car motoring. Now the supercharged XKR extends those boundaries even further. The most potent of all Jaguar's beautiful, fast cars effortlessly straddles the gap between out-and-out performance supercars that struggle to cope with everyday use and more sedate grand tourers that are hampered by excess weight.

Now customers can purchase a car capable of hitting 60mph in less than five seconds, which handles like a thoroughbred sports car, yet still offers high levels of comfort, style and craftsmanship. And the new XKR also represents remarkable value for money, with a power increase of over 25%, yet an increase of just 12.5% in terms of price compared to the normally aspirated 4.2-litre XK.

Like every great Jaguar, the XKR combines beauty with power, and style with dynamism, delivering a blend of performance and luxury that is quite simply exceptional.

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