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New Bugatti Veyron 'GT' - (Global)

September 16th, 2008

A secret and confidential memo is floating around the wire which claims that Bugatti is working on an upcoming new variant of the Veyron; that will increase performance. 

Whilst the current car isn’t known as being under powered, the upcoming ‘GT’ variant is claimed to have 1350 HP, topping the current hyper car with its 987 HP.  The memo also claims that the limited edition model will significantly eclicpse the standard cars 407 km/h, topping out at 425 km/h.  The memo ends with the fact that all ‘standard’ Veyron engines can be upgraded to GT specification

Whilst we’re not sure about the exact power figures, their has been much speculation over the last few months that Bugatti will release a high powered Veyron within 3 years before the car is replaced with an all new model.

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