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Skoda Roomster: Euro Funky & Fully Functional

October 9th, 2007
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With the seats out, the Roomster converts to an efficient two-seater offering an incredible 1780 litres of cavernous cargo volume. The straight side walls that underpin the Roomster's distinctive external styling together with the low boot lip height makes the Roomster more than happy to accept the kinds of bulky, boxy roof-height loads many competitors could not hope to carry.

The ultimate practical family car? Since its international launch last year in Geneva, the Roomster has been critically acclaimed across Europe. It has won Car of the Year in Estonia, Finland and Bulgaria, and Family Car of the Year in Sweden and Belgium. Production capacity is currently being ramped up to meet global demand levels.


  • Roomster defines a completely new market segment, and will compete across existing segments. It is positioned between the small and medium segments.
  • Unique spatial execution from 'clean sheet' design maximises versatility and manages to be simultaneously driver-, passenger- and cargo-friendly, as well as elegant and enjoyable.
  • Staggering cargo volume up to 1780 litres, with incredible capacity to swallow bulky items thanks to clever cargo area packaging.
  • Engaging European drive experience, with all expected top-quality inclusions standard. Roomster is a practical, fun car you can enjoy driving every day, and which adapts simply to just about every lifestyle.
  • ESP standard, five-star NCAP crashworthiness rating, and full-sized spare tyre (not a space-saver) suits Australian operating environment.
  • Safe for kids as well, achieving a four-star child protection rating.
  • Pedestrian friendly design is forward-compatible with pedestrian protection standards effective in Europe in 2010.
  • Leading petrol and diesel engine options combine efficiency and performance. Front-drive, with six-speed Tiptronic automatic available.
  • Ultimately versatile seating configurations adapt quickly to a multitude of roles. Quickly configured as a five-, four-, three- or two-seater.
  • Internationally launched June 2006.
  • Manufactured in Škoda's Kvasiny production plant in the Czech Republic.
  • Incredibly competitive on real value; priced from $26,990.



Although the Škoda Roomster is not a direct competitor for any vehicle currently in the market, it is envisaged the Roomster will compete principally with vehicles including:

  • Honda Civic
  • Subaru Impreza 2.0i
  • Mazda3
Škoda Roomster
Honda Civic
Subaru Impreza
ESP Standard? YES No Yes No
Crash-worthiness 5-star 4-star 5-star 4-star
Petrol & diesel options? Yes No No Yes
Spare tyre Full-sized Full-sized Space saver Space saver
Cargo volume,
removable seats out
1780 litres 450 litres 540 litres 300 litres
Entry-level RRP $26,990 $21,490 $24,490 $21,990
Top-line RRP $28,990 $30,490 $39,990 $29,600
Overall length 4.205m 4.55m 4.415m 4.4m
Overall height 1.607m 1.435m 1.475m 1.465m
Overall width 1.684m 1.75m 1.74m 1.755m

RRP not including options (auto trans, etc.)



The Škoda Roomster is the first Škoda car designed and built using the 'module' concept.

To maximise return on investment, minimise time to market, and boost the vehicle's economic fundamentals, proven modules and components from within the Volkswagen Group have been integrated into the Roomster's design. Unique research and development resources are therefore used most efficiently. Substantial investment and development costs were in this way saved, and employed in the design of the Roomster's innovative interior features.

Examples of Roomster's modularity include the front end, which is based on the popular and proven Škoda Fabia, while the rear axle is sourced from the Škoda Octavia Tour. The rear platform is sourced from the Volkswagen Golf.

The successful use of the module strategy in Roomster heralds a new era of efficient, faster vehicle development, including niche product development, at Škoda.



The Škoda Roomster is offered in one impressive specification level only - fully loaded with high
equipment levels.

Full specifications are included with this kit. Briefly, the vehicle's standard equipment highlights include:

  • Remote central locking
  • Front and rear power windows
  • Electrically adjustable heated rear-vision mirrors
  • Climatronic air conditioning system
  • Eight-speaker radio/CD/MP3 in-car entertainment system
  • Cruise control
  • Alloy wheels (6J x 15-inch, with 195/55 tyres)
  • Multi-function onboard trip computer
  • Leather-bound steering wheel.



The Roomster is offered with a choice of two engines.

1.6 Petrol

1.6 Petrol

The 1.6-litre inline four-cylinder petrol engine (output graph, above) develops 77kW of peak power at 5700rpm and a maximum of 155Nm of torque at 3500rpm. This engine features 10.5:1 compression and direct injection technology. Its recommended fuel is 95 RON unleaded. It is mated to a five-speed manual gearbox, and an optional six-speed automatic transmission with Tiptronic
is also available.

1.9 TDI Diesel

1.9 TDI Diesel

The 1.9-litre turbocharged diesel engine (TDI, output above) with 19:1 compression and electronically controlled high-pressure direct injection system develops 77kW of power at 4000rpm and 240Nm of torque at 1800rpm. This engine develops more than 200Nm of torque at all revs from 1400rpm to 3600rpm, offering effortless mid-range tractability, and is mated to a five-speed manual transmission.



The Škoda Roomster cuts no corners on safety, backing up its obvious versatility with a highly protective combination of impressive active and passive safety features.

Roomster Active Safety
The Roomster comes standard with the lifesaving benefits of the Electronic Stability Program (ESP), which continuously monitors the cornering process and can intervene to help prevent loss of control by reducing engine power and automatically applying the brakes - often before the driver is even aware there is a problem.

An advanced Anti-lock Brake System (ABS) helps maintain driver control by preventing wheel lock-up if an emergency stop is required, while a Traction Control System (TCS) monitors the driveline continuously for wheelspin and automatically reduces engine output to prevent wheelslip. Finally, engine braking control (EBC) prevents the driven wheels from locking if the accelerator is lifted suddenly, or if the vehicle brakes sharply because a low gear has been selected.

Roomster Passive Safety
The Roomster's body structure features defined load paths that reduce and control generated collision forces and channel these into the floor structure, away from occupants. Thus the interior remains as a survival space inside which the biomechanical loads on occupants remain below permissible limits, mitigating the chance
of injury.

Front, head and side airbags are standard (six, in total). In the demanding EuroNCAP crash-test evaluation process, the Roomster was awarded the coveted five stars for occupant protection and four stars for child protection.

The Roomster is even pedestrian friendly, with body construction designed to fulfil today the requirements of stringent pedestrian protection regulations that don't come into force across Europe until 2010. A deformable bonnet and de-coupled or covered rigid forward structures distinctly reduce the likelihood of serious pedestrian injury.

Suited to Australia's typically harsh operating conditions, the Roomster is available standard with a full-sized spare tyre - not a space saver.


Roomster 1.6 petrol five-speed manual $26,990
Roomster 1.6 petrol six-speed Tiptronic automatic $29,290
Roomster 1.9 TDI diesel five-speed manual $28,990

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