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2008 Lotus Elise SC - Blow Them Away!

April 28th, 2008
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 Supercharged Elise feels the power of the force(charger)

  • 162kW Supercharged Elise SC
  • New alarm/immobiliser with single integrated function key
  • New instruments with increased functionality
  • Simplified option packs

Introducing the Supercharged Elise SC, the newest addition to the 2008 Lotus line-up.

Easily defined by its new rear spoiler and unique alloy wheels, this is the first time the multi-award winning roadster has been fitted with an all-new supercharger installation producing 162kW and an electrifying 0-100km/h in 4.6 seconds.

This is no mere engine swap from the supercharged Exige. Applied to the current Elise’s 1.8-litre 2-ZZ VVTL-i engine, the Lotus-designed, Magnuson-produced supercharger uses a smaller Eaton rotor pack (an M45 unit) than that of the Exige S, and is married to the bespoke intake manifold plenum as part of a single-piece casting.

Combined with the absence of an intercooler and its associated pipe-work, this integrated supercharger/intake assembly contributes to an 8kg reduction in engine weight compared with the Exige S.

A further benefit of dispensing with the intercooler for the Elise SC application is the supercharger packaging viability for Elise and improved rear visibility.

The Elise SC has been designed to possess different driving characteristics to the Exige S. In keeping with its role as a supremely fast road car rather than extreme track machine, throttle response is very progressive resulting in a measured, more refined driving experience.

The variable camshaft shifting, for example, does not operate at a single point; the switchover can vary between 4000rpm-6200rpm depending on how it’s being driven.

As expected in a car with 162kW and weighing just 870kg, the performance of the Elise SC is stunning: 0-100km/h in 4.6 seconds, 0-160km/h in 10.7 seconds and a top speed of 241km/h. Like the 141kW Elise R, the Elise SC runs a six-speed gearbox.

A new bespoke alloy wheel design is introduced to the Elise SC with the rears increasing in width half an inch to 8-inches which offers increased grip from the standard Lotus specific Yokohama AD07 LTS 225/45 R17 tyres.

In addition to this extreme performance, the fuel economy of the Elise SC is equally impressive with an estimated combined figure of 8.5litres/100km.

The Elise SC also sees several other enhancements evident across the Elise and Exige range that make it more sophisticated and better value than ever.

An advanced new MY08 instrument cluster provides extra information about vehicle systems. This includes servicing reminders in a ‘secret until lit’ technology, so drivers won’t be alerted to such details until deemed necessary.

A new MY08 alarm/immobiliser system has allowed the introduction of a new Lotus designed key with integrated fob, the famous Lotus roundel operating as one of its three functional buttons.

The number of option packs for the Elise has been simplified from four to two, but with increased specification for each. And should customers wish to further personalise their Lotus, there is a myriad of accessories available.

The Lotus Elise SC is built around the revolutionary and award-winning extruded and bonded aluminium chassis, with a lightweight steel rear subframe. The chassis itself weighs just 68kg with a stiffness of 9500Nm per degree.

Paint ranges have been revised for 2008 including the addition of vibrant pearlescent colours. The new Premium Colour Range has been designed to offer further customising and due to the more sophisticated manufacturing process, have been individually priced.

Driving any Lotus is an experience like no other – and the Elise SC is no different. Few cars can match the delicacy and accuracy of the steering, throttle and brakes. Only a Lotus has the relatively soft springs and firm damping to give superb body control and a truly exhilarating ride. And only a Lotus can turn in such performance with such minimal environmental impact in terms of emissions and fuel consumption.


It’s all down to lightweight
Weighing a lithe 870kg, the Elise SC is just 10kg more than the Elise S – or a 1 percent weight increase; more than compensated with a 62 percent more power. With 212Nm at 5000rpm, the Elise SC also has 15 percent more power and 17 percent more torque than the Elise R.

Light weight has benefits for acceleration, handling, ride comfort, braking and the environment. Braking comes from AP Racing callipers at the front and Brembo calipers at the rear linked to 282mm vented and cross-drilled cast iron discs – you’d never call an Elise ‘under braked’.

An advanced ABS system incorporates an anti-lock system which is so unobtrusive, most drivers will not realise it’s working – unless it’s needed, and even then the system keeps a subtly low profile. The ABS system is linked to a lightweight pedal box with steel pedal arms and extruded aluminium pads. This unit also has an electronic (drive-by-wire) throttle for quick, smooth and more linear engine response.

Finally, the Elise SC enjoys a bespoke spoiler mounted onto the rear wing to which provides an aerodynamic and aesthetic difference to other Elise variants. Add to this unique Lotus 6-spoke Y-type lightweight cast alloy wheels and the Elise SC becomes instantly recognisable as the premier model in the Lotus Elise range.

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