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2009 Lotus Europa SE, Power and Prestige - (Australia)

March 2nd, 2009
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The Lotus Europa SE races into 2009 with a host of upgrades that make it more appealing and accessible to a broader range of enthusiast. It also provides more power and performance, more equipment and as such offers more value than ever before.

Designed to appeal to those who are more style conscious, the Europa SE also carries the largest capacity engine in the current Lotus range and the most torque.

Peak power increases 12 percent, from 147kW at 5400rpm in the Europa S, to 165kW at 5750rpm in the SE model, furthering the output from the turbocharged 2.0-litre engine and offering effortless cruising capability combined with thrilling acceleration.

Torque also increases 10 percent from 272Nm at 5000rpm in the Europa S to a strong 287Nm at 4500rpm in the Europa SE, reinforcing its title as the most torque-rich car in the Lotus range. These increases are gained from a revised ECU which offers not just greater power and torque, but improved response, a wider spread of power and smoother delivery throughout.

The Lotus engine management tuning in the Europa SE is supported by a lack of any weight gain for the SE model, so acceleration improves markedly, with 0-100km/h dropping from 5.8 seconds to 5.3 seconds, and a top speed increase of 5km/h to 235km/h.

The Europa SE also sports an all new Fondmetal lightweight, larger diameter wheel package with wider tyres. The SE wheel size increases one-inch to 17s on the front and 18s on the rear, the first time this size has been offered on a production Lotus Elise, Exige or Europa. The new wheels also house high performance AP Racing four-piston calipers and 308mm diameter discs.

All Lotus models are equipped with race car derived double wishbone suspension to offer an exceptional driving feel with Lotus DNA. The sleek Europa bodywork, together with the assistance of the flat underbody, generates positive downforce to provide balanced handling at speed.

With the assistance of wider door apertures than the Elise/Exige, the Europa SE also benefits from the optional Luxury Touring pack. A $5000 option on Europa S but standard fit on the SE, this pack dresses the interior extensively in the smart attire of Saddle Tan, Black/White or Black/Red leather.

In detail, this pack includes soft high-grade lightweight leather to ensure that every surface has a luxurious and tactile feel: the leather is dressed on the dash, door inserts, roof lining, handbrake and gearshift gaiter, centre console with lightweight adjustable cup-holder, steering wheel and column shroud, instrument and ventilation binnacles and side sills.

The side sills also feature aluminium plates etched with the Europa SE logo.

Leather is also featured on the ProBax Sport seats, tailgate inner and luggage tie-down straps, whilst there is also a leather oddment bag fixed within the boot.

The addition of body coloured auxiliary driving lamp surrounds and roof air outlet, plus tinted rear and engine bay windows on the outside of the Europa SE combine with a wooden gear-knob, an engine push start button and polished handbrake sleeve which complete the interior upgrades.

Lotus Cars Australia General Manager for Sales & Marketing Jonathan Stretton sees the unique positioning of the Europa S and SE as ideal stepping stones to future models:

“We are very excited to have the Evora joining the Australian range in 2009, but we can’t overlook the importance and appeal of our core Elise, Exige and Europa models. The Europa is the car for those who have always appreciated the Elise and Exige models but are looking for a Lotus that is a little more cosseting, a little more ‘everyday’.

“The torque of the turbocharged 2.0-litre engine in the Europa SE fulfils a variety of driving environments, with comfortable cruising capability and phenomenal acceleration on tap when needed. With increased levels of practicality and refinement evident in the Europa models and particularly the Europa SE, it broadens Lotus’ market appeal with a car that still remains true to Lotus’ core values of being innovative, offering excellent ride and handling and simply being great fun to drive.”

Despite the long list of enhancements evident in the new Lotus Europa SE, it is priced at $109,990 which is the same point at which the Europa S entered the Australian market. The Europa S is now priced at an even more competitive $99,990.

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